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Spellname Glyphs Realm Magic Way
Magic Light Light1 Crystal Way
Life Infusion Energy1 Crystal Way
Recovery Life, Crystal1 Crystal Way
Summon Missile Arrow1 Crystal Way
Dazzling Light Light, Sight2 Crystal Way
Prayer Faith2 Crystal Way
Invigoration Life2 Crystal Way
Energy Arrow Energy, Arrow2 Crystal Way
Crystal Aura Crystal, Sight, Light2 Crystal Way
Dweomer Transfusion Crystal3 Crystal Way
Crystal Mirror Light, Door3 Crystal Way
Curing Faith Faith, Life3 Crystal Way
Missile Shower Arrow, Energy, Sight3 Crystal Way
Cleanse Life, Crystal, Energy4 Crystal Way
Blessed Litany Faith, Energy4 Crystal Way
Purification Crystal, Life, Sight5 Crystal Way
Healing Flash Energy, Light5 Crystal Way
Ray of Faith Faith, Arrow5 Crystal Way
Dweomer Detection Divination1 Blue Way
Freeze Cold1 Blue Way
Rinse Water1 Blue Way
Healing Vapour Water, Energy1 Blue Way
Venom Adaption Poison, Energy2 Blue Way
Icy Cage Cold, Sphere2 Blue Way
Icy Blast Water, Cold2 Blue Way
Water Barrier Water, Sphere2 Blue Way
Analyze Dweomer Divination, Object3 Blue Way
Mephitic Haze Poison, Water3 Blue Way
Polymorph Polymorph3 Blue Way
Healing Mist Purify, Water3 Blue Way
Lesser Future Sight Divination, Net4 Blue Way
Icy Ground Cold, Object4 Blue Way
Frozen Net Net, Sphere4 Blue Way
Imbibe Lore Polymorph, Divination5 Blue Way
Healing Rain Purify, Water, Rain5 Blue Way
Poisonous Hailstorm Rain, Cold, Poison5 Blue Way
Defensive Wind Air1 Azure Way
Relaxing Sleep Sleep1 Azure Way
Sonic Blast Air, Sound1 Azure Way
Phantasmal Voices Sound1 Azure Way
Lesser Creature Bond Bond, Might2 Azure Way
Sound Deprivation Bond, Sound2 Azure Way
Choking Gas Gas2 Azure Way
Psychic Blow Mind3 Azure Way
Wind Wall Wind, Vortex3 Azure Way
Nature Intuition Mind, Humanoid3 Azure Way
Psychic Darts Mind, Bow4 Azure Way
Magic Sleep Sleep, Humanoid4 Azure Way
Greater Creature Bond Bond, Might, Bow4 Azure Way
Mind Paralysation Mind, Bond5 Azure Way
Dome of Perfection Dome, Humanoid, Mind5 Azure Way
Rock Armor Armor1 Brown Way
Wild Streak Creature1 Brown Way
Incredible Weight Weight1 Brown Way
Sand Blast Rock1 Brown Way
Stone Warp Rock, Creature2 Brown Way
Flying Stones Summon, Rock2 Brown Way
Summon Tree Summon, Tree2 Brown Way
Gorwealform Polymorph, Tree3 Brown Way
Stone Fist Hand, Rock3 Brown Way
Armoured Skin Creature, Armor3 Brown Way
Tower Armour Wall, Object, Armor4 Brown Way
Ant Weight Negate, Weight4 Brown Way
Turn into Stone Creature, Rock, Entropy4 Brown Way
Minor Earthquake Earth, Creature5 Brown Way
Animate Vegetation Tree, Creature, Wall5 Brown Way
Summon Earth Spirit Summon, Earth, Animal5 Brown Way
Flame Burst Fire1 Red Way
Flame Spire Vortex1 Red Way
Electrotouch Lightning1 Red Way
Lava Pit Lava2 Red Way
Flaming Weapon Weapon, Fire2 Red Way
Instill Confusion Chaos2 Red Way
Strength Might2 Red Way
Meteor Meteor3 Red Way
Claws Vortex Vortex, Hand3 Red Way
Lightning Vortex Lightning, Vortex4 Red Way
Blades of Chaos Weapon, Chaos4 Red Way
Fist of the Volcano Lava, Hand5 Red Way
Diamond Skin Lava, Earth5 Red Way
Confusion Wave Chaos, Mind, Entropy5 Red Way
Weakness Weakness1 Dark Way
Darkness Darkness1 Dark Way
Taste of Death Death1 Dark Way
Fear Fear2 Dark Way
Shadow Form Shadow, Daemon3 Dark Way
Daemonic Form Daemon2 Dark Way
Hand of Doom Hand, Illness2 Dark Way
Mind Drain Negate, Mind3 Dark Way
Life Transfusion Negate, Death3 Dark Way
Terror Fear, Darkness, Blindness4 Dark Way
Lesser Plague Entropy, Illness4 Dark Way
Necrotouch Entropy, Hand4 Dark Way
Animate Shadow Shadow, Entropy, Humanoid5 Dark Way
Daemon Arrows Daemon, Arrow5 Dark Way
Tire Illness, Weakness5 Dark Way