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A Brand New Knife for Burdess
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Burdess Quirain
YOU: Is there something I can help you with today?
Burdess: Well, yes, I do have something you could help me with!
Burdess: Every once in a while I catch this rather ugly fish.
Burdess: It's the weirdest thing you ever saw: no eyes and all these odd dangly whiskers hanging off its face.
Burdess: Well, it fillets up really nicely.
Burdess: But the skin and scales will wear down any knife you name!
Burdess: My best filleting knife is nearly done for; if you could get a new one for me that would be really helpful.
Burdess: Will you do that?
Burdess: I'll give you some coin if you do.
YOU: Sounds like some easy coin, I'm in.
Burdess: Great!
Burdess: I'd start with checking with the smiths.
Burdess: That's where blades are made, after all!
→ Go to Jomed Parcen
YOU: I am looking for a filleting knife, can you help me?
Jomed: Oh, hello again.
Jomed: I have those, I do, and they are good quality ones, I assure ye.
Jomed: I'll sell ye one for fifty tria.
YOU: Here are your tria good sir.
Jomed: Thank ye kindly.
-Jomed pockets the coins and opens a cabinet. He unwraps an oiled cloth and selects a well-made filleting knife and sheath from the pile. He passes it to you.-
Jomed: There ye are.
Jomed: I think ye'll find it's quite suitable.
Jomed: Ah, is this for Burdess?
Jomed: I was wondering what was holding up that fish delivery.
→ Go to Burdess Quirain
YOU: Here is your filleting knife.
Burdess: Ah, you found me one, that's great!
-Burdess takes it out of the sheath and looks it over.-
Burdess: Looks like a good one too.
Burdess: This will do fine until I can get out and buy a few more.
Burdess: A couple of the Vigesimi have standing orders for these fillets, and I enjoy them too.
Burdess: Few eat as well as them on high as them that catches their food, eh?
YOU: Can you help me learn to fish?
Burdess: Sure.
Burdess: You can buy a fishing pole from me and I will get you started on your training.
Burdess: There is a guard in Ojaveda who is also a trainer as well as guard of the winch building and Easamau over by the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Burdess: There are a lot of places to catch fish.
Burdess: Most lakes or rivers have fish.
Burdess: There is one near Gugrontid on the road to the Eagle Bronze Doors.
Burdess: There is also the Lake of Tears just past the pass.
Burdess: There are a few more in the area outside the Bronze Doors, too.
Burdess: Towards Ojaveda, there is a small lake on a hill as well as the Irifon River.
YOU: I would like to learn more about the people working for the Food Association.
Burdess: Ah, that's pretty easy, I suggest you see Mirra Houphen if you haven't already, she is a world famous cook after all.
Burdess: And I also heard Archilaya Gurpleferd is trying out new recipes.
Burdess: Over in Ojaveda, you can pay a visit to the tavern there, The Broken Door.
Burdess: The cook there is fantastic at preparing fish dishes.
Burdess: You might want to start an apprenticeship with her at some point.
Burdess: You'll need a good amount of cooking training, though.
Burdess: Here's some tria and a nice fresh fish for you.
-Burdess gives you some coins and a fish wrapped in a large leaf.-
Burdess: Thank you for your help!
Rewards: 1 Carp Fish, 20 Faction with Food Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.