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A Different Drink for Aleena
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: Hello, Jomed said that you might have a little job I could do?
Allelia: Well, yes, actually!
-Allelia smiles cheerfully at you.-
Allelia: Aleena wanted me to mix up a new drink for her, so I've made her this one with some sweet joopiner juice from the kitchen upstairs and some of this tangy cider from Brado's in Ojaveda.
Allelia: Doesn't that sound good?
Allelia: I think it tastes lovely.
Allelia: Maybe you'd be a good heart and take it up to her for me?
YOU: Sure, I can run it right up.
Allelia: Marvelous!
Allelia: She's normally right up on the roof deck of the tavern.
Allelia: Just give it to her, then let her know I sent you.
-Allelia passes you the drink and then leans forward on the bar and lowers her voice.-
Allelia: There's a coin in for you if you come back and tell what she thought!
-Allelia winks at you and turns to wipe some mugs with a rag.-
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: I have something for you.
Aleena: Hmm, what's this, Enkidukai?
-Aleena frowns slightly and sniffs at the mug, her expression brightening somewhat as she decides she likes what she smells.-
Aleena: Smells good.
YOU: Allelia sent me to bring it up to you.
Aleena: Oh, I see.
Aleena: This must be the new concoction she promised.
-Aleena lifts the mug and takes a cautious sip.-
Aleena: Hmm, not bad, not bad at all.
-Aleena tries the drink again.-
Aleena: Yes, I like it.
-Aleena makes a small smile and flips a hexa to you.-
Aleena: Thanks for delivering it.
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: Aleena liked the drink.
Allelia: Really?
Allelia: Lovely!
-Allelia smiles happily.-
Allelia: Maybe I'll have some other folk try it and if enough of them like it, I can add it to the menu.
Allelia: Thank you for taking that to her, Madam!
YOU: I know you are part of a sort of association or guild called the Food Association.
Allelia: Yes!
Allelia: It's an alliance between all the people working on the food business here in Hydlaa.
Allelia: We very frequently share knowledge and resources as well if the times are bad.
YOU: Can you point me to other members of the association?
Allelia: Not everyone selling or working with food is a member, but the majority are.
Allelia: Archilaya Gurpleferd is a baker over at the arena.
Allelia: In fact, I think she has a delivery for us.
Allelia: Plus, if you help her out, she might be inclined to teach you how to cook if you're interested.
Allelia: She will train you as well.
Allelia: You've already met Jomed upstairs…he's a great cook and trainer, too.
Allelia: I think everyone should have at least a little cooking or baking experience.
Allelia: Later, you might also want to speak with Burdess Quirain or Mirra Houphen.
-Allelia smiles at you as she speaks.-
Allelia: Now let me give you these for helping me.
-Allelia slides some Tria across the bar to you.-
Allelia: There you are.
Allelia: Have a wonderful day!
Rewards: 10 Faction with Food Association, 1347 Tria, 9400 XP.