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A Dwarf's Wish
Required: Quest Grimal's Tribute to Talad with Grimal completed, 200 tria, 2 Bronze Stocks, 2 Platinum Stocks, 10 Coal Lumps.
→ to Grimal
YOU: Hello again, Grimal.
NPC: Nice to see you back, YOU!
NPC: Now that my thanks to Talad have been said surely he will be pleased.
NPC: Now, I feel rested and I have achieved most of what I wanted in my lifetime.
- Grimal grins and points at himself. -
NPC: However, this old dwarf feels like going on another adventure, a real adventure.
NPC: I would like to venture into the Stone Labyrinths once more, would you help me prepare for that?
YOU: Yes, I think I can help you.
- Grimal smirks. -
NPC: I'd have bet my beard that you'd help me.
NPC: First of all, I'd like my old axe back, it has been in my family since we arrived in Yliakum.
- Grimal looks proud. -
NPC: My ancestors were great heroes, their beards were heavy with battle tokens.
NPC: I gave my axe to my son Raerul when I retired, as he would need it more than me, but now I will need it once more.
NPC: Tell him to give you the axe, and bring it back fast.
- Grimal grins. -
NPC: My hands can't wait to feel the grip of my good old axe again.
→ to Raerul
YOU: Grimal sent me to get his old axe back.
- Raerul looks at you and rubs his neck. -
NPC: By my beard, I almost forgot about that old thing.
NPC: My father can't have the axe back, it is impossible.
NPC: I'm really sorry, Enkidukai, but you'll have to tell him he can't have the axe back.
YOU: Why can't you give me the axe?
- Raerul looks at you and strokes his beard. -
NPC: Well, I had the axe with me when I was on a mission to fight some ulbernauts, ferocious and hungry beasts they were.
NPC: During the fight, the axe was knocked from my hand and struck a stone and it broke.
- Raerul casts an ashamed look down at his feet. -
NPC: It was my ancestor's axe.
- His's eyes seem to sparkle with ambition. -
NPC: Ho!
NPC: You can take the axe to Trasok and see whether he can repair it.
NPC: I'd be mighty pleased, and I'm sure my father will be too.
NPC: Here are the axe parts.
- Raerul hands you two pieces of an axe. -
NPC: When the axe is repaired take it directly to my father, he needs it for good I bet.
NPC: Probably wants to get even more tokens.
→ to Trasok
YOU: Can you try and fix these?
- Trasok looks at the pieces and a smile crosses his face. -
NPC: This was a fine piece of dwarven work once, I know good work when I see it.
NPC: A shame it is broken.
- Trasok looks up from the axe pieces to you. -
NPC: I guess you want me to repair it?
YOU: Yes I would like you too.
- Trasok runs his blackened hands over the edges of the broken parts. -
NPC: This axe seems to be made of a special alloy, however it wasn't well maintained.
NPC: So it got rusty and broke.
- Trasok points at the broken parts and some of the stress fractures. -
NPC: I think I should be able to fix it, though it'll take me a while.
NPC: I'll need some bronze and platinum in order to binds the parts together strongly enough for the axe to be worth using again.
- He plays with a few pieces of his beard as he thinks a little. -
NPC: Two stocks of each should suffice.
NPC: Bring them to me and I can start repairing the weapon, oh, and it'll be 200 tria for the labor, so bring the money along as well, will ya?
- Trasok grins. -
NPC: You can pay me when I am done with the work, of course.
YOU: Here are the bronze and platinum stocks.
- Trasok takes the stocks from you and turns towards the tables, where the axe pieces are now placed. -
NPC: Fine, fine.
NPC: I shall start fixing this right now, return to me later and ask if I am done.
- He then steps to the furnace and begins to work on the stocks. -
- You have to wait for 5 minutes. -
YOU: Are you done yet?
- Trasok is running the blade of the axe over the sharpening stone as you arrive. -
- He stops as you approach him, looking at you. -
NPC: Aye, I am done.
NPC: I can proudly say I did a good job with the axe, it looks as good as new.
- Trasok puts the axe on the counter. -
NPC: Next time, make sure you look after it better or I'll charge you a lot more to repair it.
NPC: A good cleaning now and then will help prevent things like this happening.
NPC: Now, that'll be 200 tria for my work, Sir.
YOU: Here is your payment.
NPC: Pleasure doing business with you, Sir.
NPC: If you ever have anything else to repair, return to me!
→ to Grimal
YOU: Here, I have your axe.
- Grimal takes the axe and swings it around. -
NPC: Hah, it's still in good shape!
- He frowns a little at it. -
NPC: Almost as good as new…
NPC: Huh, well I am glad my son takes care of his ancestors' heritage!
- Grimal looks at you, obviously pleased. -
NPC: Thank you for bringing my axe back.
- As he holds the axe in his hands there is clearly a strong bond between them. -
NPC: Ya know, this axe was the one that saved me in the Stone Labyrinth.
NPC: I held it in my hands while praying to Talad for his protection.
NPC: As those I was with were being dragged off into the shadows I felt a heat push thought me.
NPC: With faith Talad would guide me I lifted myself to my feet and fought off everything that came at me.
- Grimal wipes a finger print off the blade. -
NPC: It's nice to hold it once more.
YOU: I'm glad I could help you.
NPC: Now to the next part of my adventure.
- Grimal grins. -
NPC: An old dwarf doesn't travel well without tria, you know?
NPC: Food and drink are easy to get, like in the old days in the wilderness.
NPC: I'll live off what the land gives me.
- Grimal chuckles and strokes the side of his axe. -
NPC: Even if that means I have to cook an ulbernaut.
- Grimal suddenly looks sad. -
YOU: What's wrong?
- Grimal sighs a little as he begins to speak. -
NPC: My first born son was a guard like me, and we often went out exploring together.
NPC: We were sent after some thieves into the Stone Labyrinths, and they took us by surprise.
NPC: My son was killed by them, but I managed to escape.
NPC: I resigned as a guard that very day and I even stopped adventuring into the unknown.
- Grimal inhales deeply and sighs. -
NPC: But life goes on, after all.
NPC: Commander Strongwill still owes me my last salary, I never collected it.
NPC: You should speak to Beniua Busuka about it, my friend.
→ to Beniua
YOU: Grimal sent me to collect his last salary payment.
- Beniua rubs her chin. -
NPC: Let me check the records, hold on a minute please.
- Beniua opens a book and turns a few pages until she stops. -
- Her fingers run along the pages until they stop again and Beniua looks at you. -
NPC: I see, he is still owed one monthly salary that he never came to claim.
NPC: He just quit and left.
- Beniua shrugs. -
NPC: You can have it, if you just provide your signature as Grimal Bloodaxe's envoy here.
- Beniua shows you a form and points to an empty line. -
NPC: Would you sign this for me?
YOU: Yes, I'll sign it.
- Beniua hands you a small sack with several coins inside as you sign the form. -
NPC: Here you go, Enkidukai.
→ to Grimal
YOU: Here is your missing pay.
- Grimal eagerly pours the contents of the sack into his left palm and counts the coins. -
NPC: Well done, my friend!
NPC: I see the Octarchy still cares for their former guards.
NPC: However, there is one more thing I'd like you to do before I will venture into the Labyrinths.
- He stretches his back for a few moments. -
NPC: I'd like to create a battle token in honour of all my ancestors, clan members, and fellow guards who died in battle, especially my eldest son.
NPC: Please go and have two battle tokens made, one for me and one for my son Raerul.
- Grimal eyes sparkle with excitement. -
NPC: Here, take the badge of my clan.
NPC: Either Harnquist or Trasok will be able to make a battle token from it, but I'd rather prefer Trasok doing it, as it's dwarves business.
NPC: Be sure to bring Raerul his first, I'd like to know what he thinks of it when you bring me mine.
→ to Trasok
YOU: Here.
- Trasok glances at the badge in your hand. -
NPC: Good to see you again, Enkidukai.
NPC: What is it this time?
YOU: I need you to craft some battle tokens.
NPC: I see…
NPC: A good battle token takes time to craft, though.
NPC: I'm getting a bit low on coal, if you could fetch me ten lumps I'd gladly accept them as payment for the token.
NPC: I should be finished when you return, how many tokens did you need?
YOU: Just two.
- Trasok nods. -
NPC: I will start working on it right away, Enkidukai.
- Trasok nods at you. -
NPC: Till you return with the coal, friend!
YOU: Here, I have your coal.
- Trasok takes the coal from you and shows you two beautifully crafted tokens. -
NPC: These are surely two of the finest battle tokens I've made so far, here, take them.
→ give Raerul a Fine Bloodaxe Battle Token
YOU: This is for you.
- Raerul looks at the battle token with curiosity. -
NPC: Who sent me this?
NPC: This is my clan's badge on the battle token!
YOU: Your father sent it.
- Raerul looks touched. -
NPC: By my beard, I feel honoured!
NPC: Please tell my father that I am grateful for this.
NPC: Does this mean you had the axe repaired?
YOU: Yes, in fact I did.
- Raerul nods. -
NPC: Thank you again, I am grateful for your services to me and my father.
→ to Grimal
- Grimal is lying on his back as he looks up at you as you approach. -
NPC: Don't say anything…
NPC: I know I know…
- Grimal mutters something else which you cant quite make out. -
YOU: Here is your token.
- Grimal reaches up and eyes the token carefully. -
NPC: This is marvellous, my friend!
NPC: A true masterpiece.
NPC: Thank you for helping me once more, my friend…
NPC: I was hoping to be ready for my adventure by now, and without your help I wouldn't have been able to manage it.
NPC: But…
NPC: It seems even with your help I'm my own biggest problem.
NPC: I am indebted, my friend.
- Grimal forces a painful smile. -
NPC: Please, keep my clan badge, from now on you shall be an honorary member of the proud Clan Bloodaxe!
- Grimal grimaces at you as his back twinges. -
NPC: Have a good day.
NPC: I shall prepare myself for the adventure well…
NPC: Later.
NPC: Oh and before I forget it, here's a part of my salary so you can buy yourself an ale in the tavern for all the work you did.
NPC: May Talad's light shine upon your path.
NPC: One more thing, did my son happen to say anything when you gave him his token?
YOU: He said he was grateful.
- Grimal looks pleased, if not slightly uncomfortable. -
NPC: There is one more thing I have for you, a treasure of mine I found while adventuring in the Stone Laybrinth.
NPC: I am not much of a mage so I don't need it any more now I have my axe back.
NPC: Please accept it as a symbol of our friendship.
NPC: We shall talk when I am back…from my adventure.
NPC: But right now I'm going to just lie here and relax, maybe once I sort myself out i can consider going again, my friend.
- Grimal tosses a glyph up at you. -
Reward: 3391 tria, 12200 xp, Rain or Water glyph, faction Hammerwielder+5, Conclave of the Glyphs+25