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A Glimmering Meal
Required: 1 Green Jasper Crystal.
[INFO]: You get the Green Jasper Crystal from the And Thus They Learn quest.
→ Go to Boilghere
YOU: Is there something you need help with?
-Boilghere observes you for a moment. From time to time he clenches his hands, as if trying to grasp something.-
Boilghere: If you come to help, then you come at the right time.
-Boilghere hand rubs his mouth with a quiet scraping sound.-
Boilghere: I was about to prepare a meal, but it troubles my mind what sort of crystal should I use for that.
Boilghere: Same meal each day does not make a good cook.
Boilghere: I need something new.
Boilghere: I need something refreshing, like a breeze blowing from another place.
-Boilghere entwines his hands, keeping them together firmly.-
Boilghere: If you bring me a rare gem, surely there will be a reward.
Boilghere: Will you try to find one for me?
YOU: Of course I'll help you!
Boilghere: Then go and bring me what you find.
-Boilghere rubs his mouth.-
Boilghere: Remember that the gem has to be rare.
→ Give Boilghere 1 Green Jasper Crystal
YOU: Well, I do have this, will it work?
Boilghere: What is this?
-Boilghere inspects the crystal.-
Boilghere: A Green Jasper Crystal!
Boilghere: I haven't seen one of those for a very long time.
-Boilghere rubs his mouth again.-
Boilghere: Yes, yes.
Boilghere: This one will do.
Boilghere: Now I only need to recall how to prepare it…
-Boilghere turns his head in your direction.-
Boilghere: I promised you a reward, yes, I know.
Boilghere: Here you go.
-Boilghere hands you a bag of diamonds.-
Boilghere: I hope they will be of use to you.
Rewards: 1 Diamond Crystal, 35 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 16400 XP.