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A Hammer for Hamel
Required: Quest Introduction to Crafting with Harnquist completed and a Hammer (purchase from Harnquist).
→ to Harnquist
YOU: Well, I can go and visit some of your customers and see if they need anything. Do you think it's a good idea?
NPC: Oh yes, I don't have anything specific for you at the moment, you may search here in the main hydlaa plaza.
NPC: Fighters, gladiators, mercenaries are usually my clients!
→ to Hamel
YOU: Good day sir, I'm a new apprentice of Harnquist and I'm checking if any of his clients needs anything.
- Hamel pulls on his beard. -
NPC: Well, I think I can take the opportunity to change my chipped hammer.
NPC: Can't fix things without a hammer and I can't leave this place now.
NPC: I will pay you well.
NPC: Could you fetch me a new one?
YOU: Sure, I'll get you one.
NPC: Business awaits, so be quick.
→ give Hamel the Hammer
YOU: I found you a hammer.
- Hamel examines the hammer and nods in satisfaction. -
NPC: Nice; seems to be of good quality.
NPC: Here's some coin for you.
Reward: 1297 tria, 9400 xp, faction Smith Association+10