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A Helping Hand for Kisatol
Required: 12 Weapon Repair Kits.
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: Hey, give me something to do.
Ukabnu: You again, huh?
-Ukabnu looks you up and down with a scornful frown.-
Ukabnu: You must enjoy scurrying around for Ukabnu, little clacker.
Ukabnu: And now you want more.
-Ukabnu eyes narrow and she looks thoughtful for a moment.-
Ukabnu: Let us see if the Stonehammer can handle something requiring more intelligence than the average dolt.
Ukabnu: You will go to Ojaveda and find Kisatol and deliver him something for me.
Ukabnu: Can you handle that, my insect?
Ukabnu: You will get more than a mug of beer this time if you play your cards well.
YOU: I might be willing to help you out. Yes! I'll do it.
Ukabnu: Good.
Ukabnu: You will find Kisatol and deliver this box, and then tell him Ukabnu has Ceanara and then follow his directions.
-Ukabnu smiles to herself as she passes a small locked iron box to you.-
Ukabnu: And if you're the sort of fool-born scut who'd have a mind to take that sort of thing to the law…
Ukabnu: well.
-Ukabnu chuckles.-
Ukabnu: Go on!
Ukabnu: Get your legs moving, my idling clotpole!
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
YOU: Here, this box is for you.
-Kisatol turns the box cautiously in his hands and then looks at you.-
Kisatol: Well?
YOU: I was told to tell you Ukabnu has Ceanara.
-Kisatol smiles.-
Kisatol: Ahhh, some good news.
-Kisatol takes out a small key from a pocket and unlocks the box. He opens it and takes out a folded letter and then begins laughing.-
Kisatol: Ha ha ha haa!
Kisatol: Classic.
-Kisatol tilts the box and shows you the contents: A slender-fingered hand with pale skin, stained with blood around its severed wrist. An elegant silver ring circles the smallest finger.-
-Kisatol chuckles again.-
Kisatol: Now, let's have a look at this letter she sent.
-Kisatol closes the box, unfolds the letter and his smile gradually changes to a frown as he reads through it. He growls quietly.-
Kisatol: Another cursed riddle!
Kisatol: A pox on the wicked child.
-Kisatol glances at you with his brows furrowed.-
Kisatol: You, my dear Stonehammer, you have been entrusted as the messenger…
Kisatol: I will set you to deciphering this…
Kisatol: thing.
-Kisatol tears the bottom section of the letter free and reads it before passing it to you.-
Kisatol: 'The Octarch instructs us on the laws.
Kisatol: I: 6, 9, 20.
Kisatol: III: 16 -Dozen- V: 2, 4, 16, 19, 21, 28 VI: 14, 20 IV: 2, 4.'
-Kisatol rolls his eyes.-
Kisatol: She likes to play her games.
Kisatol: Go, solve it, return to me and tell me what she wants me to know.
Kisatol: I suggest poking around in Jayose's volumes in Hydlaa, she tends to have literary pretensions at times.
YOU: dozen weapon repair kits
-Kisatol frowns.-
Kisatol: That's all the little grendol-kisser wanted!?
Kisatol: Go get a dozen then, and deliver them to her.
-Kisatol half closes his eyes, broody.-
Kisatol: But it does not make any sense.
-Kisatol holds his breath, his eyes open wide.-
Kisatol: I understand now…
Kisatol: That witch.
-He looks back to you.-
Kisatol: No.
Kisatol: Don't give her the repair kits, you need to do something for me first.
Kisatol: And no questions.
Kisatol: I need something urgent from you.
-Kisatol smirks.-
Kisatol: There is a woman employed at the library in Hydlaa.
Kisatol: Get some rare crystals from her, and don't mention me and bring them back here.
Kisatol: And remember, you have to do this before giving the repair kits to Ukabnu.
-Kisatol takes a long breath.-
Kisatol: If you get the crystal to me, and in that only case, try to give the repair kits to Ukabnu.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: Can I get a rare crystal from you?
-Lori smiles at you and sets down her quill.-
Lori: What's that?
Lori: A rare crystal?
Lori: You are aware that this is a library, not a gemcutter's shop, are you not?
-Lori illustrates her point by lifting a stack of books and passing them to you.-
Lori: Hold those for me for a moment, please.
-Lori pushes books aside on a shelf to make room.-
Lori: All right, I am ready.
-Lori waits with her hands held out for the books.-
YOU: Your books.
Lori: Thank you.
-Lori efficiently shelves the books.-
Lori: Some days there are so many to put away, and people are always trying to do it themselves and getting things put in the wrong places.
Lori: So, what was it you were looking for?
YOU: Well, I'm looking for a rare crystal.
Lori: No, I do not have anything like that, Madam.
-Lori shrugs apologetically but then seems to have an idea.-
Lori: Oh!
Lori: But you know, maybe I know someone who might…
Lori: yee-es.
-Lori smiles and nods to herself.-
Lori: How about this, you can run an important errand for me, I will use the time I save to go speak with them and see what they know?
YOU: Yeah I guess so, what do you need me to do?
Lori: Fantastic.
Lori: It is always good to have a helping hand.
-Lori smiles at you.-
Lori: There is a fellow in the Hydlaa city guard, his name is Bevon Damerr.
Lori: He is a bit of a hedge-born bumpkin, but he has a good heart.
Lori: Tell him that Miss Tryllyn sent you, and ask him nicely about the new construction.
→ Go to Bevon Damerr
YOU: Hi. Miss Tryllyn sent me over.
Bevon: Miss Tryllyn, ay?
-Bevon smiles and looks a bit shy.-
Bevon: Uh, what's she needin'?
YOU: Could you tell me about the new construction?
Bevon: Yea, I met her t'other day and we was talkin' 'bout that.
Bevon: She's, uh, she's nice, don't yuh think?
Bevon: Sometimes bein' here in Hydlaa's kinda neat, 'cause I get to meet new people, an' sometimes they're friendly, and we can talk 'bout stuff.
-Bevon looks around.-
Bevon: What was it we was talkin' 'bout?
YOU: We were talking about the new construction.
Bevon: Oh, uh, yea.
-Bevon chuckles and puts his hand on his helm for a moment.-
Bevon: Miss Tryllyn, she said she's studyin' about buildin' things and such.
Bevon: So she's interested in how the plans for the new guardhouse are lookin'.
Bevon: So I asked Sir Tungse t'try and make a copy for me.
Bevon: I bet it's done by now.
Bevon: If you visit him in East Hydlaa and tell him Bevon sent you, I reckon he'll give it to you.
Bevon: And say howdy to Miss Tryllyn for me.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: Bevon sent me for the copy of the plans. Are they ready?
Kilas: Yes, I do have that copy for Bevon ready.
Kilas: Let me see…
-Kilas slips his pack from his shoulder and looks through the rolled sheets.-
Kilas: Ah, this one.
Kilas: It's not the best drawing, but it is quite good enough for study purposes.
-Kilas passes you a rolled-up sheet of vellum with a cord tied about it.-
Kilas: It is good to learn new things, I hope he enjoys it.
→ Go to Lori Tryllyn
YOU: This should be what you need.
Lori: Oh, is that what it looks like?
-Lori unties the cord and partially unrolls the sheet. Her face breaks into a big smile.-
Lori: Fantastic!
-Lori chuckles and re-rolls the plans.-
Lori: I have been lucky as well, for here is what you are after.
Lori: 'Tis quite rare- I'll wager you have not seen their like before.
-Lori shows you a small blue wooden box. She opens it slightly and you can see a greenish glow coming from two small crystals of some sort. Lori opens the box further and the glow and the crystals and the light vanish.-
Lori: Interesting, are they not?
-Lori smiles and reaches into the box and picks up an invisible crystal and drops it back into the box with a clunk.-
Lori: They are still there, but they seem to only be visible in the dark.
Lori: A clever mind could have some interesting uses for such a thing, don't you agree?
-Lori closes the box and gives it to you.-
Lori: Have fun with them, Madam, and may your purse never empty!
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
YOU: I've brought you another box.
Kisatol: The Stonehammer has returned with another box for me, I see.
Kisatol: What does this one contain?
Kisatol: An innocent's nose?
Kisatol: A shriveling severed tongue, perhaps?
YOU: It contains magic crystals
Kisatol: says: Good.
-Kisatol carefully opens the box and looks inside. He smiles evilly, his face lit in the green glow of the crystals, and then closes the box with a snap.-
Kisatol: says: Excellent. Take these for your hungry purse.
-Kisatol flicks a few circles at you.-
Kisatol: says: Now go finish your work for dear little Ukabnu.
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: These are for you.
-Ukabnu smiles and tosses the kits to the nearest cutthroat. 'Here's our blasted kits! Get to work!' She turns back to you.-
Ukabnu: I see you managed, my scuttling little clacker.
Ukabnu: Take this and maybe you can learn to bash some skulls in.
-Ukabnu gives you a battle hammer.-
Ukabnu: Here's some coin for your troubles.
-Ukabnu flicks a few circles at you.-
Ukabnu: Have fun.
Rewards: 1 Battle Hammer, 15 Faction with Thieves Organization, 3107 Tria, 10800 XP.