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A Husband's Dilemma
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: Hi, I was wondering if you had something I can help you with?
-Jeyarp looks you over and whispers to you.-
Jeyarp: Yes, you can help me.
Jeyarp: I need to figure out what my wife wants for our marriage remembrance ceremony coming up.
Jeyarp: She thinks that I know what she wants, but I haven't a clue!
Jeyarp: Can you give me a hand?
YOU: Ok, I'll try my best. Where shall I start?
Jeyarp: Great!
-Jeyarp suddenly realizes he was talking too loud and continues in a hushed whisper.-
Jeyarp: I recently ran across this traveling Dermorian merchant and bought Gayla a pretty little book with silver runes.
Jeyarp: It came with a nice bookmark as well.
Jeyarp: She opened it up to the bookmarked page and read it, and she jumped up and down, all excited.
-Jeyarp checks to make sure his wife is not listening. He continues to whisper.-
Jeyarp: She said that it was the 'perfect gift' and she's the 'luckiest woman alive.'
Jeyarp: Well, I was a bit surprised because the book was not very expensive, even though it was written in her native language.
Jeyarp: I figured it must be a great book.
Jeyarp: But she gave me the book back, not even reading another page, and said she can't wait for 'the rest!'
-Jeyarp looks anxious.-
Jeyarp: I just smiled and nodded, but I really don't know what she's expecting!
YOU: What was written inside the book?
Jeyarp: Oh, I could not read it, so I sold it to Jayose.
-Jeyarp rubs the back of his head.-
Jeyarp: Gayla didn't want it back.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: Greetings, I am looking for a book that Jeyarp sold you.
Jayose: Greetings, Madam.
Jayose: You are interested in that book Jeyarp sold me, are you?
Jayose: I still have it here in the desk.
Jayose: I was hoping to find a buyer for it, as I believe the library already has a few copies just like it.
Jayose: You may have it for just fifty tria.
YOU: Here's the money.
Jayose: Thank you.
-Jayose takes the book out from under his counter and looks at it.-
Jayose: It even still has the bookmark.
-Jayose gives you the book.-
Jayose: One book with an indecipherable title.
Jayose: Well, not truly.
Jayose: My assistant Arion could probably translate the Dermorian for you, but I haven't seen him around today.
Jayose: Probably out reading poetry somewhere again.
→ Go to Arion Fildar
YOU: Can you translate a book for me?
Arion: Hmmm?
Arion: You want me to look at some book you have?
YOU: Yes please.
Arion: By the Crystal…
-Arion sighs in mild exasperation.-
Arion: As if Jayose didn't give me enough to do already.
Arion: All right, give me the book.
YOU: This is the book.
Arion: Hmmm…
-Arion Fildar studies the book, gently turning pages.-
Arion: Oh yes.
Arion: I have seen this many times.
Arion: It is a Dermorian gift book.
Arion: You just mark the page of the gift and pass it to the one you are giving a gift.
Arion: The page holds a riddle that describes the gift.
Arion: Later, you give the gift and they reveal if they guessed it correctly.
Arion: Did you want me to translate the bookmarked page?
YOU: Oh yes please!
Arion: I can translate a page for you.
Arion: Don't ask me for help with the riddles though.
Arion: I am no good at those.
Arion: Let's see…
-Arion opens the book and turns to the bookmarked page.-
Arion: Ahh, here we go.
Arion: Three riddles here.
Arion: They rhyme beautifully in the Dermorian tongue; it loses a little bit in translation but I think I have it.
Arion: The first riddle:
-Arion clears his throat.-
Arion: Hexa and Octa, brothers in light.
-Arion looks expectantly at you.-
YOU: purple
Arion: Well, yes.
Arion: The color violet does make sense!
Arion: Good thinking.
Arion: Let's try the next one.
-Arion pauses a second, frowning slightly as he focuses on the text.-
Arion: Found deep in rock or swimming in a stream, we are prized for our beauty.
Arion: We are fire, ice or foliage hardened.
YOU: crystal
Arion: Yes.
Arion: Yes.
Arion: A gem.
Arion: Even I knew that one.
Arion: Now, the last one.
Arion: It is pretty short.
-Arion gives a dramatic pause.-
Arion: A bottomless container to put flesh and blood in.
YOU: ring
Arion: Yes, that works.
Arion: Kind of a disturbing way of describing a ring, but it works.
Arion: It is not quite so odd in the original Dermorian.
-Arion closes the book and peeks closely at it.-
Arion: Ah, here's the hidden latch.
-Arion pushes at a flap of leather and latches the book closed.-
Arion: Now, if you excuse me, I have other things I need to attend to.
-Arion gives the book back to you.-
→ Go to Jeyarp Grotemey
YOU: I figured out the next gift is a ring.
Jeyarp: Yes, my wife loves rings, but what kind of ring?
YOU: amethyst ring
Jeyarp: Is that right?
-Jeyarp double-checks to make certain that his wife is not paying attention.-
Jeyarp: She thinks I am going to get her an amethyst ring?
Jeyarp: How do you know?
YOU: The book was a riddle book, that gives clues to the next gift.
Jeyarp: Ahhh…
Jeyarp: I see, very clever.
Jeyarp: And I know just the place to get this ring for her!
Jeyarp: That book sounds like it could be a lot of fun, now that I have a clue about how to use it.
Jeyarp: May I please have it back?
YOU: Yes, I have your book.
Jeyarp: Thank you.
-Jeyarp holds out his hands for the book.-
YOU: Here you are.
Jeyarp: Wonderful…
Jeyarp: I appreciate all you have done to help me!
Jeyarp: I hope you don't take offense if I offer you a little money for your assistance.
-Jeyarp pulls some coins from his purse and gives them to you.-
Jeyarp: Thank you so much for helping me sort this out!
Rewards: 25 Faction with Crafting Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.