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A Message for Dsar Sarraghi
Required: 1 Red Liquor.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: Greetings Murago, how's the book?
Murago: I remember you.
Murago: You're the Nolthrir who got me another copy of my book.
Murago: I have another task for you.
Murago: Interested?
YOU: I've got some free time, how can I help?
Murago: That's the spirit.
Murago: Kindly deliver this message to the Shrine of Talad in Dsar Sarraghi.
Murago: There's a liaison in the Hydlaa Plaza by the name of Tarela Girshon.
Murago: She can help you if you require it.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: Hi Tarela, Murago said you would be able to deliver a message to Dsar Sarraghi.
Tarela: May I see the message?
-Tarela holds out a paw.-
YOU: gives Tarela the message.
Tarela: I see.
Tarela: Dsar Sarraghi is currently quarantined.
Tarela: I can't possibly get through.
Tarela: Unless…
Tarela: I have a lockbox containing an Azure Way glyph that will grant me the gift of stealth.
Tarela: I may be able to enter the Dsar undetected with this glyph.
Tarela: I'm holding the box at the Mikana mercantile company.
Tarela: Tell Jirosh that Talera sent you.
Tarela: I'm taking a big risk at contracting whatever sickness is inside the dsar, but Murago Puntjal pays well so I will do it.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Greetings Jirosh, I was sent by Tarela to pick up her lockbox.
Jirosh: I was wondering when she would claim her mysterious box.
Jirosh: Allow me to collect it.
-Jirosh bends down and searches through various boxes. He stands back up with a worry on his face.-
Jirosh: It's gone!
Jirosh: I accidentally sent it out on a caravan.
Jirosh: My records indicate they were placed on a caravan belonging to one Taemian Yangnk.
Jirosh: Find him, and get that lockbox back.
Jirosh: I'm really sorry about this.
→ Go to Taemian Yangnk
YOU: Hello, you got a lockbox mistakenly in your inventory, it belongs to me.
Taemian: Oh right, this box that didn't appear on the Mikana company invoice and that I didn't ask for.
Taemian: I couldn't figure out how to open it.
Taemian: An adventurer named Vaieund offered me a key that might open it in exchange for getting him some book?
Taemian: Bah, who has time for that?
Taemian: Anyway, I can't ever give away anything for free, so how about something to wet my beard?
Taemian: Some red liquor oughta do just fine.
Taemian: How's about a mugful?
YOU: Here is your red liquor, now give me my box.
-Taemian guzzles the contents of the mug, then wipes his mouth with his sleeve, beard still dripping.-
Taemian: Ahhh.
Taemian: That'll make yer waterwheel churn.
Taemian: Here's the lockbox.
Taemian: Do with it what you will.
→ Go to Tarela Girshon
YOU: I have your lockbox.
Tarela: What took you so long?
-Tarela produces a key and opens the lockbox. You can't see inside it, but her face is bathed in a light blue glow. She closes the box.-
Tarela: Yes, this will do.
Tarela: Rest assured the Shrine of Talad will receive this message.
Tarela: Tell Murago that he can pay me tomorrow or speak to him about paying me tomorrow.
Tarela: Go quickly!
Tarela: I will need to make haste myself.
→ Go to Murago Puntjal
YOU: You can pay Tarela tomorrow for the delivery.
Murago: That means it is as good as sent.
Murago: Such a trustworthy emissary, she is.
Murago: While I await their response, take this and go with Talad.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Conclave of the Glyphs, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.