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A Most Enchanting Order
Required: 1 Leather Gloves Kit, 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Hammer, 1 Enchanted Ruby Crystal.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: Hi Gardr, anything you need help with?
-Gardr is washing grime from kras hands as kra looks over to you.-
Gardr: I'm busy making some enchanted armor and need someone to collect some of the crystals for the work.
Gardr: Think you can fetch them for me?
YOU: Yeah, I have some time.
Gardr: Great…
-Gardr turns and walks over to his tools flicking kras hands dry as kra does.-
-Kra picks up a few tools and puts them away before continuing.-
Gardr: So, it shouldn't be too many pickups.
Gardr: Let me just find the list of orders I've yet to make…
-Gardr starts digging about looking for the order list.-
YOU: So who do you need me to go and see?
Gardr: Ah, here it is.
-Gardr flicks through a few pieces of paper.-
Gardr: So…
Gardr: I need you to head out to Evelyn.
Gardr: She has asked me to make her another pair of decorative gloves and wants some gems inlaid into them.
Gardr: She will be furthest away.
Gardr: Then there is…
Gardr: Oh, Gurgus, I'd forgotten about this order.
Gardr: I should have had it done at the beginning of the week.
Gardr: Kra wants some ceremonial armor making and the design has a number of crystals in it.
Gardr: Then..
Gardr: we..
Gardr: have…
Gardr: Aerayau…
Gardr: Huh.
-Kra scratches kras chest.-
Gardr: You'd think he would be able to get someone up at the fortress to do this for him.
Gardr: But then I am the best.
-Gardr tries to hide a small smile.-
Gardr: I guess he will be furthest away.
Gardr: You'll be alright running off and about getting these orders for me won't you?
YOU: Sure, I'll collect the orders for you.
Gardr: Good, I knew you would.
Gardr: As soon as you are back I'll give you some instructions on how to inlay the gems into some armor, which gives them the same properties as the gem you used.
Gardr: And of course a practical demonstration.
Gardr: Do be back soon.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: I'm here to collect your gems for Gardr.
-Gurgus is resting kras hands on the hilts of kras swords as you approached.-
Gurgus: You know, when you get back to Gardr you should just tell him to come and collect these things kras self.
Gurgus: It's not like kra is more than a few minutes from here.
-Gurgus hands you a small box.-
Gurgus: Do be quick with getting these to kra, I would like my order filled soon.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: I'm here to collect your gems for Gardr.
-Aerayau is standing, leaning forwards with his hands on the table.-
-His long gilded sword and shield are laid out on the table in front of him.-
-He has been watching you since you came into sight walking towards him and is making direct eye contact as you speak.-
Aerayau: Welcome Citizen.
Aerayau: I am very happy to hear that you have arrived from Gardr.
Aerayau: I have a number of very specific requests for kra.
-Areayau picks up a decorative box and slides it across the table to you.-
Aerayau: In there you will find the gems and the instructions for their use.
Aerayau: Now I know I can trust you to take these to kra…
Aerayau: Because if you don't I'll have you hunted down and thrown in jail.
-Areayau stands up straight and bids you to leave.-
Aerayau: Good day.
→ Go to Evelyn
YOU: I'm here to collect your gems for Gardr.
-Evelyn places the end of her staff on the ground and holds it with one hand as her eye lashes flutter briefly.-
-A smile crosses her lips for a moment before she speaks.-
Evelyn: Just make sure these get to kra safely, I do hate to be disappointed.
-She lets go of her staff which remains standing up right as she walks over to the counter and picks up a small box.-
-As she steps back to her staff she sweeps the hair out of her face and looks at you, handing you the box.-
Evelyn: Good bye.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: I have the orders you asked me to collect.
-Gardr shoves a few steel ingots into a furnace to let them heat up and become molten.-
-Kra walks back over to you dusting kras hands off.-
Gardr: Great, saved me a lot of time by getting them.
-Gardr takes the boxes and sacks and looks though all the contents.-
Gardr: What's this?
-Gardr pulls out a wad of papers covered in notes from Areayau's Crystal box.-
-Kra flicks though them waiting for you to reply.-
YOU: They are instructions from Areayau with what he wants done with the crystals.
-Gardr smiles.-
Gardr: So I can see.
Gardr: He has already sent along one lot of designs…
Gardr: And now he totally changes them.
-Gardr shrugs and places the items on a table.-
Gardr: Well I can deal with that later.
Gardr: Now, about showing you how to affix one of these gems onto a piece of armor.
Gardr: I think I'll teach you how to make an enchanted pair of gloves, the technique is essentially the same for every piece of armor.
Gardr: So to start with you will need a leather gloves kit, some steel ingots, a hammer and an enchanted ruby.
-Gardr goes over and moves about the steel ingots in the furnace.-
Gardr: Those items will allow you to test the techniques I'm about to show you once we are finished.
-Gardr glances over kras shoulder saying.-
Gardr: If you arn't a mage you might find it hard making enchanted gems, so you should either ask a mage to make you some or join one of the Magic ways and work your way up the ranks until you enchant them yourself.
YOU: I have all the things you mentioned and I'm ready.
-Gardr waves you over to the furnace where kra is pulling some molten steel out from the coals.-
Gardr: Good, so with all the things you need ready, the process is quite simple.
Gardr: The first thing you needed to make was a kit for the piece of armor you want to add the enchanted crystal into, for this I got you to make the gloves, but you can use any kit you can make.
-Kra walks over and places the molten steel on his anvil and picks up a hammer.-
Gardr: Now, the next thing you need to make is a gem socket.
-Kra smiles as he starts to bring the hammer down on the molten steel.-
-The heavy chimes echo under the small roof as the sparks burst off the steel and bounce about before coming to rest.-
-Kra picks up the partly shaped socket and shows it to you.-
Gardr: It should look something like this, and be able to hold any of the crystals you choose to place in it.
-Kra goes back to shaping it and between hammer strikes continues to talk.-
Gardr: For rubies you only need to use one piece of steel as they are the smallest and hold the least magic so are easily contained.
-Kra begins tapping the gem socket to finish it off.-
Gardr: If you want to use emeralds or sapphires you will need to make a stronger socket with two molten steel, and for a diamond you will need to use three.
-Kra holds up the gem socket and shows it to you.-
Gardr: There we go.
YOU: That looks easy enough to make, what comes next?
-Gardr looks the gem socket over to make sure that it is good enough for kra and gives a nod of approval.-
Gardr: Well, the next step is for me to combine the gem socket with an armor kit I made yesterday.
Gardr: In this case I will be combining a standard gem socket, which is for rubies, with a leather gloves kit.
-Kra nods for you you to follow kra as kra walks over to the smith table.-
-Placing both the gem socket and the leather gloves kit on the table kra works for a few minutes to correctly combine the two items together.-
Gardr: And this now this step is done.
Gardr: Again a pretty simple step, which leaves just one more.
YOU: So what's the last step?
-Gardr tidies up the smiths table and lays out the leather gloves kit and the enchanted ruby crystal.-
Gardr: The last step once you have combined the gloves kit and the gem socket together, is to add in the enchanted crystal and make the final piece of armor.
Gardr: Now remember, at every step in this process the better quality materials you use, the better the final product will be, crystals included.
-Gardr bends over slightly and delicately attaches the ruby crystal and then pieces the kit together to make the final complete enchanted pair of gloves.-
-As kra completes the gloves a shimmer of light glistens over the ruby and socket which now contains it.-
Gardr: And there we are, a pair of magically enchanted gloves.
Gardr: Now, the magical effect contained within the crystal you used will have been transferred to the piece of armor you attached it to.
Gardr: And if you didn't know before what the crystal's magic was…
Gardr: Well, you'll just have to put your gloves on and go find someone to fire magic at you.
-Gardr chuckles a little.-
Gardr: But I hold no responsibility for what may happen as you test your new items out.
YOU: Thanks a lot for showing me Gardr, do you have some notes I can look over?
-Gardr nods as he flattens out the pair of gloves on the table.-
Gardr: Sure, I've got some spares somewhere…
Gardr: Here we are, Enchanting Armor.
Gardr: Just what you need.
Gardr: I hope it comes in useful.
Rewards: 1 Enchanting Armor, 20 Faction with Crafting Association, 12200 XP.