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A Night Off for Tilavi
Required: 6 Rat Hides[Money] 50[OR].
→ Go to Tilavi Aurenta
YOU: Can I help you with anything?
Tilavi: Ah!
Tilavi: You'd like to help me?
Tilavi: That's great!
Tilavi: I have to work tomorrow night but there's someone I really want to visit instead.
Tilavi: I asked Fruntar if he'd work that shift for me, but he said he'd have to think about it.
Tilavi: If you're heading downstairs, could you check with him?
YOU: Yes, no problem. I'll go do that real quick.
Tilavi: That's so kind of you.
Tilavi: Tell him Tilavi wants her answer.
-Tilavi gives you a quick wink and turns away to scrub at a tabletop.-
→ Go to Fruntar Durek
YOU: Umm, hi! Tilavi would like her answer…?
Fruntar: Tilavi?
-Fruntar sighs.-
Fruntar: I don't really know what to say to her.
Fruntar: She seems to be walking straighter paths as of late, and I do enjoy helping people, but she is always getting me to do her work for her.
-Fruntar's paw rubs thoughtfully at a mended tear in his leather apron and he smiles.-
Fruntar: Ah, I have an idea.
Fruntar: This apron has seen better days and is in need of replacing.
Fruntar: I will work for her tomorrow evening if she provides me with a new apron.
Fruntar: She and the tanner are friends, so this should not be too much to ask.
→ Go to Tilavi Aurenta
YOU: Fruntar wants a new apron.
Tilavi: Fruntar wants an apron?
-Tilavi's ears droop.-
Tilavi: Aii!
Tilavi: I don't have time for all this.
Tilavi: Would you be willing to go get it for me, tabei?
Tilavi: Please?
YOU: Sure, I don't mind helping out.
Tilavi: Really?
-Tilavi beams.-
Tilavi: Great!
Tilavi: Hirenn, our local tanner, he'll probably give you a discount if you tell him I sent you.
→ Go to Hirenn Darmeth
YOU: Tilavi sent me.
Hirenn: She did, did she?
Hirenn: What does she need?
YOU: She needs a new apron.
Hirenn: The kind they use in the tavern?
Hirenn: I only have one in stock, and it's reserved.
Hirenn: I could sell it but it'll be two hundred tria.
-Hirenn Darmeth pauses a moment.-
Hirenn: …or you bring me six rat hides and I'll use those to replace my materials; and I'll sell you the apron for only fifty.
Hirenn: Jirosh says he's got too many rats in his warehouse these days.
Hirenn: I bet you can get yourself six hides there in no time, if the rats don't get yours first.
-Hirenn chuckles.-
Hirenn: So, which way would you like?
Hirenn: Rat hides or straight tria?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: straight tria
Hirenn: All right, two hundred tria and the apron is yours.
→ Give Hirenn Darmeth 200 tria
Hirenn: Let's see, where did I…
Hirenn: ah.
-Hirenn digs the apron from under a stack of skins and passes it over the counter along with a slip of paper.-
Hirenn: There you go, and there's a receipt, if you need one.
Way 2:
YOU: Six rat hides it is.
Hirenn: All right, a half-dozen hides and fifty tria then.
Hirenn: Here are the hides and the tria.
Hirenn: Four…
Hirenn: five…
Hirenn: six.
-Hirenn examines the hides.-
Hirenn: Good hides.
-Hirenn then counts the tria.-
Hirenn: Let's see, where did I…
Hirenn: ah.
-Hirenn digs the apron from under a stack of skins and passes it over the counter along with a slip of paper.-
Hirenn: There you go, and there's a receipt, if you need one.
Way 1, 2:
→ Go to Fruntar Durek
YOU: Here is the apron.
Fruntar: Ah, tabei, what a fine apron.
-Fruntar's eyes light up in pleased surprise as he looks it over.-
Fruntar: A fine thing.
-Fruntar tries the apron on and smiles.-
Fruntar: I will be happy to work in her stead tomorrow night.
Fruntar: Please give her my thanks.
→ Go to Tilavi Aurenta
YOU: Fruntar sends his thanks!
Tilavi: Oh, I was peeking down at you two!
Tilavi: He looked pretty happy.
Tilavi: Thank you so much for helping me!
Tilavi: I hope it wasn't too expensive.
Tilavi: Hirenn must have given you a receipt.
Tilavi: Can I see it?
YOU: Oh, here is the receipt for the apron.
Tilavi: Thank you.
-Tilavi reads the receipt and smiles, her tail swinging happily.-
Way 1:
Tilavi: Aii…
Tilavi: that was expensive.
Tilavi: But maybe my evening will be nice enough to be worth it!
Tilavi: I'll have to try extra hard to make sure it is extra special.
-Tilavi opens her purse and counts out coins.-
Tilavi: Here is two hundred for your expenses, and another fifty for your time.
Tilavi: Thank you again, YOU.
Way 2:
Tilavi: Ah, that was less than I thought it would be!
-Tilavi Aurenta opens her purse and counts out coins.-
Tilavi: Here…for your expenses, and for your help, tabei.
Tilavi: Oh, and here, please accept this; it's delicious.
Tilavi: Tilavi Aurenta gives you a bottle of wine.
Way 1, 2:
Rewards: 1 Terevan Wine Bottle, 15 Faction with Enkidukai, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.