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A Time For Reading
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: I thought I'd come back by, see if you needed anymore help?
Kerryk: Excellent!
Kerryk: You are here.
Kerryk: I was hoping you would come back.
Kerryk: You see, I need some help.
Kerryk: A few of my records have been damaged; it seems the parchment I was using that week was very delicious to a strange blue mold.
Kerryk: I have recovered what I could of the sheets, but there are a few things yet missing.
Kerryk: It is this information that I could use your help retrieving.
Kerryk: There is a good bit of tria in it for you, are you interested?
YOU: Sure, I'd love to help you.
Kerryk: Excellent.
Kerryk: Three things, some fairly straightforward research.
Kerryk: What I need first is for you to tell me where Yliakum got its name.
Kerryk: Once you have done that, I need to know the word that gobbles use for greeting.
Kerryk: Lastly, I need to know the Octarchal punishment for theft.
Kerryk: All of this can be found in Jayose's Library, I am fairly certain.
Kerryk: Oh, while you are there, please return this volume to Jayose for me.
-Kerryk gives you a small green book.-
Kerryk: Please take care of the book, get a receipt for it, and take care with your studies.
Kerryk: It is important that knowledge be kept from corruption and errors.
Kerryk: Good travelling to you, Gemma.
→ Go to Jayose
YOU: I am returning this book to you, on behalf of Kerryk Corr.
Jayose: Ah, it has returned safely to me.
-Jayose inspects the book and nods.-
Jayose: Thank you.
YOU: May I please have a receipt?
-Jayose sighs and takes out a small form and signs it and fills in a few bits of information. He looks at the book again and opens it to inspect a few pages. He sets it down and makes a few more marks on the paper before giving it to you.-
Jayose: Your receipt.
-Jayose makes a bit of a face, adjusts his spectacles, and turns back to his work.-
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: hands Kerryk the receipt, “Here you go.”
Kerryk: Hmmm?
Kerryk: What is this?
Kerryk: Ah, a receipt.
-Kerryk holds up the little slip of paper in a massive stony hand and reads it.-
Kerryk: Very good.
Kerryk: So you found the library, I hope that you have also found my answers.
Kerryk: Tell me about the naming of Yliakum: where did that word come from?
YOU: stone labyrinths
Kerryk: Ah yes, that's right.
-Kerryk takes out a piece of parchment and some ink and begins to write with a sturdy quill.-
Kerryk: Thank you.
Kerryk: Our history is fascinating to say the least.
Kerryk: Did you know that many Lemurs claim that Laanx saved their race from extinction?
Kerryk: And that some Klyros believe the same deity killed their ancestors?
Kerryk: Very interesting.
Kerryk: Now what else was there?
Kerryk: Ah yes, the gobble word for greeting?
YOU: Rahle
Kerryk: Excellent.
-Kerryk writes something down.-
Kerryk: Most of the less intelligent creatures use body language instead of words.
Kerryk: I wonder how people discovered that rahle meant greetings?
Kerryk: Ah, and the last thing I need to recover, what is the Octarchal's punishment for theft?
YOU: Banishment
Kerryk: Correct you are.
-Kerryk makes notes on kras parchment and then sets it aside to dry.-
Kerryk: Very good.
Kerryk: You have done me a fine service, but I wish to ask you to do just a few more things.
Kerryk: A friend of mine has sent me a letter, saying that he has come across a few intriguing artifacts and has sent them to me.
Kerryk: They are in Hydlaa, in the care of Percival Hawthorne.
Kerryk: Will you help me once more?
YOU: Not a problem, I can go pick them up.
Kerryk: Excellent.
Kerryk: He resides on the fourth level, so they shall be arriving through the Hydlaa Winch.
Kerryk: I don't exactly know what they are, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle them.
Kerryk: Go see Percival and give him this.
-Kerryk gives you a small shipping form.-
Kerryk: Thank you, and take care on your journey.
→ Go to Percival Hawthorne
YOU: hands Percival the order, “Hi, I'm here to pick this up.”
-Percival scans the document with a stern expression.-
Percival: I don't usually do this, but Kerryk is a great Kran to whom I owe many favours.
-Percival looks over the order again.-
Percival: That's kras signature all right.
-Percival tucks the form away and fetches a large wooden box and hands it to you.-
Percival: Be careful there, it's fragile.
Percival: Best get it to Kerryk as soon as you can.
→ Go to Kerryk Cor
YOU: hands Kerryk the box.
-Kerryk smiles and gently sets the box by kras foot.-
Kerryk: Ah, thank you.
-Kerryk gives you a handfull of golden circles in exchange.-
Kerryk: And these are for you, a reward for your time.
Kerryk: If you will now excuse me, I really must get to examining these; who knows what mysteries they hold?
-Kerryk grins and waves goodbye to you.-
Kerryk: Farewell, my helpful friend.
Rewards: 25 Faction with Science Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP.