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A new mace for Nevis
Required: 1 Threestem Wood, 2 Leather Strings, 8 Steel Ingots, 1 Hammer.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: Can I help you?
Moren: Yes, you are the Enkidukai that helped me and my friend Nevis Revori.
Moren: I need you to do me a favour in secret from Nevis.
Moren: Are you willing to do this?
YOU: Of Course, I will happily help.
Moren: I am glad.
Moren: He is really fond of his mace but it is worn and its head is loose.
Moren: I want to get him a new one for his birthday.
Moren: Only problem is I want to keep it a secret.
Moren: Nevis is friends with Harnquist, so to be safe you should try and get one from Gardr in Gugrontid.
YOU: I will be off to Gardr then.
Moren: I am glad.
Moren: I can't wait to see it.
Moren: Oh, I just realised there are lots of types of maces…
Moren: Maybe you can get a Flanged Mace.
Moren: I'm sure Gardr can help.
→ Go to Gardr Keck
YOU: I have been sent by Moren Findel to buy a Flanged Mace.
Gardr: Sorry, I don't have any made just at the moment.
Gardr: But, if you get me the materials I could make one as a custom order.
Gardr: Does that sound ok?
YOU: Yes, that sounds fine.
Gardr: Good.
Gardr: Now let’s see.
Gardr: Like all crafting everything starts with raw materials.
Gardr: To make a Flanged Mace I will need a piece of good threestem wood, two leather strings, newer the better.
Gardr: And of course some steel, eight ingots will do.
YOU: Here are the materials you requested.
Gardr: You are back, excellent.
Gardr: I was thinking while you were away, and I thought if you are interested that you could make the mace yourself?
Gardr: With my guidance of course.
YOU: That sounds good, I like crafting.
Gardr: Great, now to get started you will need the necessary tools.
Gardr: Here are a spare wood chisel and wood saw.
Gardr: I hope you already have a hammer, if not you can simply buy one from Harnquist, over in Hydlaa.
Gardr: He always has lots.
YOU: I have the tools you asked me to get.
Gardr: Good, now I will teach you how to make a mace.
Gardr: The first step is to acquire at least basic training in two specific skills.
Gardr: To make a mace or hammer, you need both blacksmith and mace making skills.
Gardr: I can train you in mace making and Harnquist can get you started with blacksmith.
Gardr: You will, as with all crafting need a special book.
Gardr: I've got a number of spares so you can have one of them.
-Gardr picks up a soot covered book and after dusting it off slightly hands it to you.-
Gardr: It will tell you what quantities are required to make different items, and how to combine them all correctly.
YOU: Do I need anything else?
Gardr: No.
Gardr: Now we will start.
Gardr: The first step we will take is to make the handle.
Gardr: To do this you need to put the threestem wood on the table and using the wood saw, saw it into wooden batons.
Gardr: Then you need to take one of the wooden batons and saw it in half.
Gardr: Return to me with a half wooden baton once you have made it.
YOU: I have made a half wooden baton.
Gardr: Now, place the half wooden baton on the table and using your chisel shape the half wooden baton into a suitable shape.
Gardr: This is called a mace battle handle shape.
Gardr: Once shaped you then need to use two leather strings and combine them with the mace battle handle shape.
Gardr: This will give you a completed mace battle handle.
YOU: I have made a Mace Battle Handle.
Gardr: Next you need to take the eight steel ingots you have and go over to the forge to heat them.
Gardr: Once heated, use your hammer and the anvil to shape them into a flanged mace head.
Gardr: Once you have that, use the table to combine the flanged mace head with the mace battle handle you made earlier.
Gardr: This will give you a flanged mace kit.
Gardr: And once you have that come back to me.
YOU: I have made the flanged mace kit.
Gardr: Great!
Gardr: Now the final steps - take the flanged mace kit and use the riveter to create a flanged mace assembly.
Gardr: Once you have a flanged mace assembly, hammer it on the anvil to get a completed flanged mace.
YOU: I have made a flanged mace.
Gardr: Congratulations, this is a good first effort.
Gardr: Keep practicing to improve.
Gardr: I will be able to give you lessons for now and as you gain skill you will be able to attempt the more difficult maces and hammers.
Gardr: Do you have any questions?
YOU: What other things can I make?
Gardr: Initially you can make a club, mace and flanged mace.
Gardr: After every ten lessons or so you will be able to make more items.
YOU: What other metals can I use?
Gardr: Initially you can only use steel.
Gardr: Once you are more experienced you can also use platinum steel.
Gardr: You will require another manual for this.
Gardr: We will discuss this later, once you become more experienced.
YOU: When can I make battle and warhammers?
Gardr: After about ten lessons you will be able to make battle hammers and picks.
Gardr: After thirty lessons you can make a warhammer.
YOU: When can I make two handed maces and clubs?
Gardr: After about twenty lessons you will be able to make two handed variants of mace and club.
→ Go to Moren Findel
YOU: Here is the mace you wanted.
-Moren smiles and checks to see Nevis isn't looking.-
Moren: This looks good.
Moren: Better than what he has, that's for sure.
Moren: Thank you for helping me again Enkidukai.
Moren: Here is some tria.
Rewards: 1 Wood Chisel, 1 Wood Saw, 1 Catalog of Hammers, 1 Maces, 1 Faction with Smith Association, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.