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Aerayau Strongwill's Epic Journey
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: Do you know where I can find some adventure in these parts?
Aerayau: Ah, the citizen wants to embark on an epic journey filled with adventure, excitement and mystery.
-Aerayau rubs his chin.-
Aerayau: I can send you on such a journey of self discovery, if you are willing to go to the far reaches of Yliakum.
Aerayau: Are you ready for such a journey?
YOU: Great, just what I was looking for.
-Aerayau looks around before handing you a sealed letter.-
Aerayau: I am pleased to hear that, citizen.
Aerayau: Take this letter to Archilaya the baker, who is currently residing in the Hydlaa Arena.
Aerayau: She will know what to do next.
→ Go to Archilaya Gurpleferd
YOU: I was ordered to hand you this letter.
Archilaya: Ah indeed, you must be one of the new recruits.
-Archilaya takes a closer look at you.-
Archilaya: No, you don't have the official uniform, so you must be an applicant.
Archilaya: Aerayau does not normally trust an applicant with this task, but if that is what Aerayau wants, so be it.
-Archilaya turns her back on you while she reads the instructions.-
Archilaya: Ten loaves, three clacker pies.
-Archilaya completes the order and hands you a bag filled with fresh food.-
Archilaya: Well, applicant, there is the special order ready for the Sunshine Squadron party.
Archilaya: Please deliver it to Aerayau while it is still fresh.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: Here is the food that you ordered from Archilaya.
Aerayau: The hero returns from the epic journey, where the hero's fitness levels have been revealed.
-Aerayau grins as he looks in the bag and takes a whiff.-
Aerayau: That girl sure knows how to cook.
Aerayau: For your trouble, citizen, please accept this as a token of appreciation from the Sunshine Squadron here at the Eagle Bronze Doors.
-Aerayau hands you some coins.-
Rewards: 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.