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An Eager Clacker
Required: 1 Clacker Phial.
→ Go to Sysial Shillor
YOU: gives Sysial the clacker phial.
-Sysial glances at the phial and then to you.-
Sysial: Interesting…so I am to test you it seems.
-Sysial laughs.-
Sysial: You must truly have a talent for causing others pain and dismay, or you would not have been sent to me.
Sysial: It makes me wonder if you truly understand what path you have begun to take.
Sysial: I suppose Relliom did not tell you who we serve…
-Sysial studies your reaction closely.-
Sysial: I can tell you only a little.
Sysial: Our Master is the true ruler of all of Yliakum and beyond.
Sysial: We are nothing, yet everything in our Master's shadow.
Sysial: The power I will…
-Sysial shakes her head with a small smile and corrects herself.-
Sysial: …we will be granted transcends all known powers.
-Sysial stops and narrows her eyes at you.-
Sysial: That power comes with great sacrifice.
Sysial: Every move you make must be draped by darkness.
Sysial: Every step that moves you forward will be built on the blood and pain of those who are not worthy.
Sysial: Pray that you are not one of the unworthy.
Sysial: Tell me now, are you willing to devote your life to this new Master?
YOU: Yes, I am.
Sysial: Then it is time.
-Sysial uncorks the phial and sprinkles it in her hand. The smell of dried herbs, clacker meat, and something unidentifiable fills the air.-
Sysial: This will not hurt…
Sysial: much.
-Sysial blows the powder into your face and everything goes dark.-
→ Go to Intelligent Clacker
YOU: Hello?
-The clacker waves his front legs lazily in front of him, then slowly turns his black-bead eyes on you.-
Intelligent: You're an odd thing.
Intelligent: Cut-throat.
Intelligent: Deceitful.
Intelligent: Defender.
Intelligent: Charmer.
-Clacker rubs his antennae together, making a sound that is almost like a laugh.-
Intelligent: You wonder why you are here?
YOU: You can talk ?
Intelligent: No, no.
Intelligent: No time for idle chat.
Intelligent: Things to do.
Intelligent: Yes.
-Clacker's glassy orb eyes drift about the room seemingly without focus, each one going its own direction.-
Intelligent: Many many things to do.
-Clacker's eyes both snap back to you and he whispers his next words.-
Intelligent: You know she has to die, yes?
YOU: She? Who is she?
Intelligent: The woman!
Intelligent: Find her!
Intelligent: She has my green ribbon.
Intelligent: I want it back.
Intelligent: Go now!
Intelligent: Take the life to take the ribbon, newling.
→ Go to Peasant Woman
YOU: I was sent to retrieve the ribbon.
Peasant: No!
Peasant: It is mine.
Peasant: I am going to give it to my child when she is born.
Peasant: It is my family's way.
Peasant: I will never give it up!
YOU: The clacker told me to kill you to get it.
Peasant: Please, you must help me!
Peasant: Tell it…tell it to let me go.
-You kill the Peasant Woman and loot a Green Ribbon.-
→ Go to Intelligent Clacker
YOU: Torol gives the clacker the ribbon.
Intelligent: Look at that.
Intelligent: I believe it is what you came for.
Intelligent: I do hope you had no problems.
Intelligent: Peasants can be so unpleasant.
Intelligent: Terrible pests, if you ask me.
Intelligent: Now then, on to business.
Intelligent: Please pass this ribbon on to my mistress.
Intelligent: I did enjoy our little talk, but I must taste you now.
-Clacker suddenly leaps at your face.-
→ Go to Sysial Shillor
YOU: gives Sysial the ribbon.
Sysial: Welcome back…
-Sysial smiles.-
Sysial: Perhaps I used a little too much, but you seem unharmed.
-Sysial smooths the ribbon.-
Sysial: No more questions.
Sysial: Take this ribbon to Relliom.
Sysial: You and I will never speak of this again.
Rewards: 1 Green Clacker Ribbon, 25 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 5130 Tria, 14540 XP.