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An Expected Delivery
Required: 4 circles.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Do you have any work I can do?
Gurgus: Ah, a young Kran in search of glory and fortune, eh?
Gurgus: Excellent!
-Gurgus looks thoughtful for a moment, looking you over with a critical eye.-
Gurgus: It just so happens I may have a rather important task for you.
Gurgus: The Vigesimi of this village is hosting a party in a few days and almost all of the items for the feast have arrived.
-Gurgus eyes you carefully, slightly amused.-
Gurgus: You are willing to work on this with me?
YOU: A party! Sounds like fun.
Gurgus: Excellent.
Gurgus: Yes, young Kran, I do like your spirit.
Gurgus: Very well, here is my first test of your mind!
Gurgus: A simple question: We are little creatures; all of us have different features.
Gurgus: One of us in glass is set; one of us you'll find in jest.
Gurgus: Another you may see in tin, and the fourth is boxed within.
Gurgus: If the fifth you should pursue, it can never fly from you.
Gurgus: What are we?
Gurgus: You will have but one chance to answer my tests correctly, so please think -very- carefully on this.
Gurgus: When you think you know, come and tell me your answer.
Gurgus: It should be simple, and just one word.
YOU: vowels
-Gurgus laughs.-
Gurgus: Yes, they are all there are they not?
-Gurgus laughs.-
Gurgus: Now for my second test: No sooner spoken than broken.
Gurgus: What is it?
Gurgus: Once more, return when you think you know the answer and tell me.
Gurgus: I remind you, there is only one chance.
Gurgus: Think very carefully!
YOU: secret
-Gurgus smiles.-
Gurgus: Indeed it is, for secrets are meant to be kept.
Gurgus: Do you understand?
-Gurgus looks at you and nods deeply without waiting for a response.-
Gurgus: Now we can get down to the business at hand.
Gurgus: As I said before, there are some items for the feast that are missing.
Gurgus: Now ordinarily, Jirosh is quite reliable, but this is intolerable.
Gurgus: Take this and visit Jirosh in Ojaveda.
Gurgus: Make sure to give him this list, he will not work with you otherwise.
Gurgus: Very particular, that one, especially when he's done wrong.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: hands Jirosh the inventory list.
Jirosh: What, what's this?
-Jirosh reads the list, his eyes widening with each line.-
Jirosh: Talad's eyes, I sent these things a week ago!
-Jirosh frowns at the list and then sighs with a bit of a growl.-
Jirosh: It wasn't my fault, I swear!
Jirosh: It is a long way from here to Gugrontid and much can happen.
Jirosh: Please, tabei, will you help me?
YOU: Very well, I can help you.
Jirosh: Oh, thank you, tabei!
-Jirosh sighs and leans on the counter, his head in his paws.-
Jirosh: The Vigesimi would have my merchant's license for this mix-up.
Jirosh: As you might have guessed, this is not the first time it has happened.
Jirosh: I have been having some trouble with shipments disappearing along that road.
-Jirosh glances around quickly before continuing in a hushed voice.-
Jirosh: I have heard rumours of bandits working in the area, but I don't know much more than that.
Jirosh: If you talk to Finara Plund in Hydlaa, she may be able to tell you more.
Jirosh: Just tell her that I sent you and she will know what it is about.
-Jirosh stands up straight again and looks around. A sense of relief is evident on his face.-
→ Go to Finara Plund
YOU: Jirosh sent me to see you.
Finara: I see.
-Finara nods.-
Finara: So, you are the one he has sent to look into his shipping problems?
Finara: Hmph.
Finara: You look a bit scrawny, but I suppose you'll do.
-Finara chuckles before turning to more serious business.-
Finara: Well, it is true that there seems to be an elusive batch of bandits plaguing the road between here and Gugrontid.
Finara: I heard they are led by a Dermorian woman.
Finara: Rumour has it they are lurking somewhere on the road beyond the forest.
Finara: Perhaps you could look there.
-Finara laughs cheerfully.-
Finara: Good hunting, Kran, and don't lose your head!
→ Go to Ukabnu
YOU: Can you tell me about Jirosh's missing shipments?
-Ukabnu laughs.-
Ukabnu: You must be kidding, dung-breath.
Ukabnu: That old menki Jirosh and his people have no idea what they are talking about.
-Ukabnu smirks, her visage a mask of menacing confidence-
Ukabnu: No one would dare speak against me.
Ukabnu: This is -my- road, little ulber-toe.
Ukabnu: What makes you think I know anything about some shipment?
Ukabnu: You had better have yourself off before I decide to take what little you have to offer me.
YOU: Finara told me.
Ukabnu: That interfering wench…!
-Ukabnu chuckles quietly and looks toward Hydlaa for a moment with an crooked smile. She turns back to you with a shrug.-
Ukabnu: Fine, it's true.
Ukabnu: We raided that shipment and kept a few things.
Ukabnu: We have to eat too, you know?
Ukabnu: Tell you what: I'll make a deal with you, little fool.
Ukabnu: I know what we took.
Ukabnu: Four circles for the lot, non-negotiable.
Ukabnu: Come back when you have it and not before, or I'll have my friends here give you a good talking to.
Ukabnu: Got it?
-Ukabnu turns away without waiting for your answer.-
YOU: gives Ukabnu one thousand tria.
Ukabnu: Heh.
Ukabnu: Good job, little Kran.
-Ukabnu retrieves a small crate from behind a tree, and tosses it towards you.-
Ukabnu: Here, take this stuff and get out of my face.
→ Go to Gurgus Dahnik
YOU: Here are your items.
-Gurgus opens the crate, and looks through it quickly.-
Gurgus: Thank you, my good Kran!
Gurgus: The Vigesimi will be very pleased to have these for the feast.
Gurgus: You have done very, very well.
-Gurgus takes a few coins out of a pouch and hands them to you.-
Gurgus: Please take this with our thanks, and see me again if you need more work.
Rewards: 20 Faction with Artists Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.