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An Opening Move
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
YOU: Do you have any jobs laying around I could help with.
Kisatol: Well, well.
-Kisatol gives you a dead-eye stare.-
Kisatol: The Stonehammer wants to help.
Kisatol: How sweet and heroic.
Kisatol: So tell me, Stonehammer, or shall I say YOU, are you the heroic type?
-Kisatol looks at you mockingly.-
YOU: maybe
Kisatol: Not bad, Trepor breath.
-Kisatol flashes you an insincere smile.-
Kisatol: With a bit of luck you might one day be able to hold up your end of a conversation.
Kisatol: Now tell me, who is the Lieutenant of the northern guards of Hydlaa?
YOU: jefecra
Kisatol: Right.
-Kisatol nods to himself.-
Kisatol: Always know the opposi…
Kisatol: the landscape.
Kisatol: This is what I want.
Kisatol: Go to Hydlaa and get me the betting odds for the upcoming Octarch's Chess tournament.
-Kisatol's mocking smile returns.-
Kisatol: It should not prove too difficult for someone with your…
Kisatol: outstanding abilities.
-Kisatol smirks.-
Kisatol: Do try not to get robbed on the way.
→ Go to Darven Bounash
YOU: Do you know the betting odds for the Octarch's chess tournament.
Darven: Ah.
-Darven beams at you.-
Darven: A kindred spirit.
Darven: A fellow dabbler in the arts of chance.
Darven: Let me see.
-Darven rummages about his person and eventually produces a weathered scrap of paper.-
Darven: Er…
Darven: I have calculated preliminary odds but there are based on last year's event.
-Darven thinks a bit.-
Darven: If you can get me a list of this year's participants I can work out starting odds.
Darven: If I'm not mistaken, Talisa Tamariss is involved in organising the event.
Darven: If you ask her about the tournament I'll lay you six to four she might be able to help.
→ Go to Talisa Tamariss
YOU: I am looking forward to the chess tournament. Any news on it?
Talisa: This is going to be such a great tournament.
Talisa: The Vigesimi herself agreed to play this year.
Talisa: And most of the best players in Yliakum have entered.
-Talisa smiles happily.-
Talisa: You may have a copy of the tournament list.
→ Go to Darven Bounash
YOU: I got the list.
Darven: Just what I needed.
-Darven scans the list.-
Darven: Impressive field.
-Darven whistles.-
Darven: And the Vigesimi too!
-Darven takes out a piece of paper and starts to scribble furiously. He writes for minute or two and then stops to look his list over.-
Darven: There.
Darven: That looks about right.
Darven: All yours.
-Darven gives you the list of odds.-
Darven: If you happen to find any interested bettors, just send them my way.
-Darven gives you a sly wink.-
→ Go to Kisatol Gathoji
Kisatol: So the Stonehammer returns.
-Kisatol examines the list and mumbles to himself.-
Kisatol: Good.
Kisatol: She is playing after all.
Kisatol: We can set things in motion then.
-Kisatol looks up at you.-
Kisatol: Still here?
Kisatol: Now I expect you want a little something for your trouble.
-Kisatol digs into his pockets and flicks you a few coins.-
Kisatol: Try not to spend it all in one place.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Thieves Organization, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP.