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And Thus They Learn
Required: 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Steel Sludge, 1 Coal Sludge.
→ Go to Amakeer
YOU: I was wondering if you needed help?
-Amakeer does not respond, staring blankly at the space before him, but as the time passes, his placid face slowly turns in your direction at a creeping pace.-
Amakeer: You wish to do something for me?
-Amakeer reaches his hand out in your direction and as his fingers approach you, they begin twitching spontaneously.-
Amakeer: Race, is it?
Amakeer: It is unusual to see you here…
-Amakeer retracts his spiky hand and soon his fingers seem to calm down.-
Amakeer: So you come here with a good will.
Amakeer: Will to help others.
Amakeer: Do you wish to help a Derghir architect?
Amakeer: I am able to make it worth your while.
YOU: Yeah sure. I'd love to help you.
-Amakeer shifts his hand to his face, his fingers making clicking sounds as they tap at his cheek.-
Amakeer: My wish is to learn.
Amakeer: Your kind has wondrous ways to work with the elements.
Amakeer: Iron and stone.
-Amakeer fingers twitch for a moment.-
Amakeer: So different from those of our own.
Amakeer: I have heard that you cast your iron into firm blocks; shape it into what you want.
Amakeer: Please, provide me with one of those.
→ Give Amakeer 1 Iron Ingot
YOU: Here is an iron ingot.
Amakeer: Iron 'inkot' they call it?
-Amakeer taps the block of iron, then slides his fingers across it.-
Amakeer: So that is what it looks like.
-Amakeer gradually turns his attention back to you.-
Amakeer: I also heard you turn it into other elements.
Amakeer: Sludges of steel and coal.
Amakeer: Please, bring one sludge of steel to me.
→ Give Amakeer 1 Steel Sludge
YOU: One sludge of steel.
Amakeer: A queer substance, unknown to my eyes until now.
-Amakeer fingers twitch as he inspects the sludge.-
Amakeer: What elements do you use to make it?
YOU: Iron and coal melted together make steel.
Amakeer: Yes…
Amakeer: But how they change into another…
-Amakeer slowly tilts his head, still observing the sludge.-
Amakeer: That interests me.
-Amakeer flicking fingers creep the item closer to his eyes.-
Amakeer: How much of each element will you use to make it?
Amakeer: How much ore…
-Amakeer pauses for a few seconds, then spontaneously turns his head in your direction.-
Amakeer: How much iron and how much coal?
YOU: Well, you make it with nine iron ores and one coal ore.
-Amakeer slowly turns his head to the sludge, his fingers tapping on the item.-
Amakeer: Yes, yes…
Amakeer: I can see now.
-Amakeer shifts his hand over the surface of the muck.-
Amakeer: And about the other sludge?
Amakeer: The coal one.
Amakeer: If you brought it, please give it to me.
→ Give Amakeer 1 Coal Sludge
YOU: This is the coal sludge.
-Amakeer moves the sludge closer to his eyes.-
Amakeer: You make this using the same minerals…
Amakeer: But different amount of them.
-Amakeer fingers tap on the item.-
Amakeer: How much iron and how much coal do you put into your machinery to make some of this?
YOU: This one is made with eight iron ores and two coal ore.
-Amakeer observes the sludge for a moment.-
Amakeer: Yes, this can be true…
-Amakeer slowly turns his head in your direction.-
Amakeer: Thank you for your answers.
-Amakeer stands motionless for a few moments.-
Amakeer: A long time ago I once found a item made of 'bronze.'
Amakeer: Could you tell me what two types of elements you use to create them?
YOU: copper and tin
Amakeer: Yes, yes.
Amakeer: That could be it.
-Amakeer stands motionless for a long moment as a cloud draws before the Azure sun.-
Amakeer: Thank you for your generous help…
Amakeer: please, take this as a reward for teaching me about your kind.
-Amakeer hands you a Green Jasper Crystal.-
Amakeer: It is a jasper I brought with us from a hole far away.
Amakeer: It is not to be found with us here…
-Amakeer stares at you blankly, randomly constricting and loosening his fingers.-
Amakeer: That is all I wanted from you, but you may stay with me longer, if you wish.
Rewards: 1 Green Jasper Crystal, 40 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 17800 XP.