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Angry Drunks
Required: 3 Beer.
→ Go to Rook
YOU: Can I help?
-Rook looks at you as he sways side to side, a mug in his hand.-
Rook: You!
Rook: You help..
Rook: helped Aydken, right?
Rook: Right.
Rook: My name is Rook!
Rook: I'm the best ov fallfus ..
Rook: best of all of us!
-Rook hiccups then takes a large gulp from his mug.-
Rook: Stupid Filch is the worst.
Rook: He's clumsy n' stupid n' stupider!
Rook: You want to help the best?
YOU: Yes, I want to help.
-Rook burps and smiles.-
Rook: Good!
Rook: You go tell Filch that he smells of rats!
Rook: Go go, I'll give you some tria and stuff…
Rook: yeah.
Rook: Go!
-Rook chuckles lightly under his breath as he waves you away.-
Rook: He smells of rats!
→ Go to Filch
YOU: You smell of rats.
Filch: What?
-Filch looks at you angrily then almost falls over spilling some of the liquid in his flask.-
Filch: That short, arrorant..
Filch: agrorant…
Filch: stupid Rook sent you, didn't he?
-Filch lifts up the flask and drains the last of it.-
Filch: Bah!
Filch: …
Filch: You go tell that stupid, little man that..
-Filch sways from side to side.-
Filch: That's he's dumb!
Filch: Yeah!
Filch: Go!
→ Go to Rook
YOU: You're dumb.
Rook: Ha!
Rook: Is that the…
-Rook drinks from his mug which he has refilled in the time you've been gone.-
Rook: Is that the best he can come up with?
-Rook grins at you.-
Rook: That's our Filchy for you.
Rook: He's not very intelly…
Rook: intlement…
Rook: intelligent!
Rook: That's it!
-Rook smiles, obviously proud of pronouncing such a hard word.-
Rook: Go…
Rook: Go tell him that his mother was a Gobble!
-Rook all but giggles.-
Rook: That'll show him.
→ Go to Filch
YOU: Your mother was a Gobble.
Filch: What!?
Filch: Oh that's it.
-Filch drinks the rest of the mug in his hand and pulls out a dagger.-
Filch: Go tell Guile that I want to kill Rook!
Filch: That short, little …
Filch: umm ..
Filch: fool!
Filch: Yeah, that short, little fool won't get away with that!
Filch: Mom was a Gobble!
Filch: My mom was a …
Filch: not gobble!
Filch: Not at all gobble!
→ Go to Guile
YOU: Filch wants to kill Rook.
Guile: What's that?
Guile: Oh, you started them off, didn't you?
-Guile shakes her head slowly.-
Guile: Go buy two beer mugs and give one to each.
Guile: When they ask who gave them to you, say the other one did.
-Guile shrugs.-
Guile: That should work.
Guile: And bring me one once you are done with those two.
→ Give Filch 1 beer
YOU: A gift.
Filch: Ah!
Filch: More beer!
Filch: Good.
-Filch drinks from the mug.-
Filch: I love beer!
Filch: Beer, beer, beer.
Filch: Keeps your mind working!
Filch: My pa used to say that if you didn't drink enough you…
Filch: erm…
Filch: you…
Filch: well, it wasn't good!
Filch: By Talad, even that Trepor-son Rook enjoys beer.
-Filch takes another swig.-
Filch: Who sent this, any ways?
YOU: Rook sent it.
Filch: He did?
Filch: Bah, just like that…
Filch: dwarf to do something like that.
-Filch tries to stay angry but then he lets out a small smile.-
Filch: Mother was a Gobble…
Filch: You know, he had always had a thing for my mother.
Filch: Bah, whatever, I'll be good.
Filch: Here, get him a beer from me.
-Filch hands you a coin.-
→ Give Rook 1 beer
YOU: A present.
Rook: Oh!
Rook: More beer!
-Rook takes a sip from it and smiles.-
Rook: Thank you, there's nothing in Ylia …
Rook: kum …
Rook: Yliakum quite like another beer.
Rook: One of the…
Rook: few things that that ugly Filch and I agree on…
-Rook sips some more beer.-
Rook: Who sent this beer, by the way?
YOU: Filch sent it.
Rook: He did?
Rook: Oh…
Rook: well
-Rook smiles and shrugs.-
Rook: I guess he's not so bad.
Rook: Still…
Rook: bah, never mind.
Rook: Here, bring him a beer as well, from me.
-Rook hands you a coin.-
→ Go to Guile
YOU: Here's another beer.
-Guile sips at the beer.-
Guile: I see my plan worked.
Guile: Can't say that I'm surprised.
Guile: My plans always work.
Guile: Here's a small reward for you, Enkidukai, be well.
Guile: And keep your distance from them, they tend to..
Guile: get angry.
Rewards: 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.