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Apprenticeship Approval
Required: Rank 30 Cooking.
[INFO]: Rank 30 in Cooking is uncertain.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: Am I ready to become your apprentice?
Reffitia: Well…
-Reffitia looks at you with some hesitation, then smiles and nods.-
Reffitia: Yes, I think so, YOU.
Reffitia: But there's one more thing I need you to help me with.
Reffitia: Do you think you are ready?
YOU: Sure, I am ready, what do you need?
Reffitia: Good, then let us proceed.
Reffitia: The Vigesimi is throwing a big fish fry, but my supplies are starting to run low.
Reffitia: Your first task will not be cooking related, but to actually go get me some fish.
Reffitia: Now if you're not the fisher type, you can just buy some from someone you know.
Reffitia: But if you have a fishing pole and some skill, it will be faster to just catch them yourself.
Reffitia: I'd need ten carp and five trout.
Reffitia: You can find them in the Irifon River, which you cross as you head back towards Hydlaa.
Reffitia: If you catch any crayfish, orfe, or dace, I'd keep those in storage.
Reffitia: You can make dishes with them with higher skill.
Reffitia: Return with the fish and we will continue.
YOU: Here's your fish.
-Reffitia stops stirring a pot and looks at the fish with some embarrasment.-
Reffitia: Sorry I had you do that.
Reffitia: It looks like a good catch, but I with all this work I forgot I had a delivery due and it just came in while you were gone.
Reffitia: It's good though, you can use those fish for your next task.
Reffitia: I need you to make Carp Delight and Trout Delight.
Reffitia: I'll give you a special cook book for preparing fish and walk you through the process if you like.
-Reffitia gives you a new looking book.-
Reffitia: I'd like you to make one Carp Delight and one Trout Delight.
Reffitia: You should be able to figure out how to get ingredients and work a recipe by now but let me know if you need some help.
YOU: I am done.
Reffitia: Very good.
Reffitia: Let's start with the Carp Delight.
Reffitia: This is for the Vigesimi, remember.
Reffitia: So give me your best Carp Delight.
→ Give Reffitia Thamal 1 Carp Delight
-Reffitia looks it over and sniffs a bit, looking pleased.-
-She takes a bite, chews it a bit and grins widely.-
Reffitia: Hey, this is really good, YOU.
Reffitia: You are coming along very well.
Reffitia: And now the Trout Delight?
→ Give Reffitia Thamal 1 Trout Delight
-Reffitia looks it over and sniffs a bit, looking pleased.-
-She takes a bite, chews it a bit and grins widely.-
Reffitia: Hey, once again this is really good, YOU.
Reffitia: You are a very good cook.
Reffitia: I think you have more than met the requirements now for your apprenticeship.
Reffitia: You should now have four recipe books in all.
Reffitia: Continue to go through them and try new recipes.
Reffitia: That's the best way to keep getting better.
YOU: Is there anything else I need to know?
Reffitia: I'm sure by now you have met all the merchants who sell various ingredients and tools.
Reffitia: If not, it would help to know where to get everything you'll need to make any dish you want.
Reffitia: You may continue to get cooking training from me as well as baking training from Orchibaly.
Reffitia: Thank you for sharing your time with me and helping me with the Vigesimi's party.
Reffitia: I think they're going to like the Carp and Trout Delights.
Reffitia: And take this tria for your efforts.
Rewards: 1 Dishes with Fishes, 45 Faction with Food Association, 16411 Tria, 19200 XP.