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Apprenticeship Test
Required: Rank 25 Cooking.
[INFO]: Rank 25 in Cooking is uncertain.
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: I would like to train under you as your cooking apprentice.
Reffitia: Well…
-Reffitia looks you up and down.-
Reffitia: Hmmmm.
Reffitia: If you want to be my apprentice, I'm going to have to test your skills a bit.
Reffitia: Are you up for it?
YOU: Sure, I am ready for the test, what must I do?
Reffitia: If you have come to me, I assume you already have some cooking and baking skill.
Reffitia: I take it you have worked with the Gerpleferds and perhaps Jomed in Hydlaa?
Reffitia: So I'll offer you a set of choices.
Reffitia: First, would you rather make something from the Meats and Stews recipe book or The Pastry Chef Book?
YOU: I'll make something from Meats and Stews.
Reffitia: Alright, then.
Reffitia: I know the recipes by heart so I'll give you a choice between Hearty Irifon Rice, Savory Kikiri Stew, or a Meat And Egg Omelette.
Reffitia: I'm not going to walk you through it, you'll need to figure out the recipe on your own if you've never made those.
Reffitia: That is all part of the test.
Reffitia: That and, of course, how it tastes.
-Reffitia gives you a sheepish grin.-
Reffitia: Make me one of those and make do your best!
[INFO]: Make whatever dish you want (e.g. Meat And Egg Omelette) and give it to Reffitia.
Rewards: Nothing.