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Azure Way Glyph Training
Required: Rank 30 Azure Way, 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Wand, 1 Air glyph.
→ Go to Vorigna Tassen
YOU: Please except my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Vorigna: Welcome, I have been expecting you.
-Vorigna waves her arm outward.-
Vorigna: Now, let's see about getting you in order.
-Vorigna flips through some notes she pulls out of a bag and reads to herself.-
Vorigna: Wand as proof, check.
-Vorigna hands you back the wand.-
Vorigna: I do not have your first test ready.
Vorigna: So, why not?
Vorigna: Let's get to know each other.
YOU: Well, seems easy.
Vorigna: I know what you think.
Vorigna: The usual boring line to introduce us.
Vorigna: Let's make it more interesting.
Vorigna: I study dreams, you know?
Vorigna: There are recurrent dreams, usually.
Vorigna: What do you think is the worst?
Vorigna: I'll give you three choices.
Vorigna: A dream of drowning?
Vorigna: A dream of running away from something?
Vorigna: A dream where you remain alone in the middle of nothing?
YOU: Drowning.
Vorigna: Ohhh.
Vorigna: That is the right choice.
Vorigna: Dreaming to drown means you feel too overcome by your commitments.
Vorigna: Let's assume you're a dreamer of this type, so I can teach you something.
Vorigna: I'd suggest you to concentrate on little things and not on whole big problems.
Vorigna: Do one little thing after another.
Vorigna: Let's make it concrete.
Vorigna: You want to learn the Azure Way, it could seem a long journey, but focus only on now.
Vorigna: You could do a little thing for me.
Vorigna: Go and get me my daily ration from Jedonek Bolossj.
Vorigna: Then return and I will teach you a lesson.
→ Go to Jedonek Bolossj
YOU: Vorigna Tassen is asking about her ration.
Jedonek: Oh, another apprentice, seems Vorigna is getting lazy.
-Jedonek shakes his head.-
Jedonek: Nevermind, I do have her food here.
-Jedonek hands you a packet.-
→ Go to Vorigna Tassen
YOU: Here is your ration packet.
Vorigna: Thank you YOU.
-Vorigna sets the packet aside.-
Vorigna: You can learn two lessons today.
Vorigna: One, the worst is always what you choose.
Vorigna: When I asked you about the dreams, every answer was good, because we, ourselves, decide what is the worst for us.
Vorigna: And if you want now, and always, may decide also what is better for you.
Vorigna: It's only will, you can change.
Vorigna: Easily, and when you want.
Vorigna: The second lesson is simpler, do not give too much trust to selfish men.
-Vorigna lips move, becoming a smile.-
YOU: What do you mean?
-Vorigna laughs friendly.-
Vorigna: I mean that I needed someone to get my ration.
Vorigna: I used words to manipulate you, to follow my evil plans!
-Vorigna smirks, putting away the ration.-
Vorigna: But I'd like to thank you, and, if you want, I can tell you the interpretation of the other dreams, but remember that they're only guidelines.
Vorigna: Otherwise we can continue your training.
YOU: Tell me about dream of drowning.
Vorigna: Dreaming to drown usually means the subject feels too overcome by his commitments, well, sometimes could be also people.
Vorigna: The best way to avoid it is to concentrate on little things and not on the whole problem.
Vorigna: Do one little thing after another could help.
Vorigna: I can repeat if you haven't understood.
YOU: I'm ready to continue the training.
Vorigna: Remember that you can always fight back your fears and blow them out.
Vorigna: Now, I am supposed to test you on magic.
Vorigna: To make sure you have basic knowledge to start your glyph training, I need you to give me the most common of all Azure Way Glyphs, used on its own as protection.
YOU: I guess that will be the Air glyph.
-Vorigna gives you a slight smile.-
Vorigna: You would not think air itself could be much of a defense, but standing in a powerful wind on a guard tower will quickly change your mind.
-Vorigna returns your glyph.-
Vorigna: You have passed this test of knowledge.
Vorigna: As reward and proof of advancement, you will receive the second Azure Way item.
-Vorigna checks her notes again.-
Vorigna: For your next few theory sessions and tests with me you will need some other glyphs.
-Vorigna counts on her fingers of her free hand as she calls out the three glyphs.-
Vorigna: Sleep, Mind and Humanoid.
Vorigna: I know they are not easy to find, so we can see about it later if you have not acquired them yet.
Vorigna: Before you return to me for another test, you must increase your skill sufficiently.
Vorigna: When you have, I will accept your wand and give you your next test.
Vorigna: One last thing before you go, I understand Thorian has been asking about for some help with getting enchanted gems.
Vorigna: You should go and help him.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Bracers, 10 Faction with Azure Order, 9400 XP.