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Azure Way Master Training
Required: Rank 100 Azure Way, 2 Adept's Azure Way Wand, 1 Apprentice's Azure Way Robe, 1 Fire glyph, 1 Arrow glyph, 1 Armor glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Menita
YOU: Here are the items as requested.
Menita: Today, you become a Master rank in the Azure Way.
-Menita hands you back one wand and the robe, but keeps yours and puts it aside.-
Menita: Return those to their owners, followers of your same path.
-Menita closes her eyes for only a moment.-
Menita: But there are other paths, some of them support Azure Way, others…
Menita: not.
Menita: You will soon require the aid of practitioners and students from the supporting Ways.
Menita: Speak to them.
Menita: These bonds will become important in the coming tests.
YOU: I'd like to know more.
Menita: Not now.
Menita: First, I need something from you.
-She stares, and pauses for a long heartbeat.-
Menita: Go to Brintec Dev-Onni.
Menita: Solve his problem.
Menita: And…
Menita: be careful.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: Menita sent me here to help you out.
Brintec: Menita?
-Brintec frowns staring at you.-
Brintec: An Azure Way member?
Brintec: Very well.
Brintec: Tell me what I did the third day of this month.
Brintec: Because I just forgot and no one can tell me where I was.
YOU: Please, be patient, when did you recognize you had lost the memory?
Brintec: I've not lost my memory.
Brintec: One of your fellows took it out!
-Brintec stares at you angrily for some moments, then he relax a bit.-
Brintec: I don't know.
Brintec: I had a strange dream, I was running through Ojaveda and where ever I run i always arrive in front of closed doors.
Brintec: Then I stop.
Brintec: I felt a growing fear and I flee.
Brintec: But I do not know what this fear is.
Brintec: I think it is something obvious, but I don't remember.
YOU: plague
Brintec: Uh.
Brintec: Oh.
-Brintec opens his eyes wide.-
Brintec: Yes, yes.
Brintec: That's it.
-He opens his mouth and sighs with relief.-
Brintec: Now I remember, damn.
Brintec: How stupid I am.
Brintec: Sorry, Madam.
Brintec: And please, say to all your fellows that I'm terribly sorry.
-Brintec puts a hand on his face.-
Brintec: Ah.
Brintec: No more words, now that I remember I'd like to forget again.
Brintec: Damn, what a relief, now that I know what I feared in the dream I can relax.
Brintec: I was so…
Brintec: Never mind.
Brintec: I feel very better.
Brintec: Thanks again.
YOU: I'm curios now, please tell me what you remember.
Brintec: Ehe.
-Brintec face becomes reddish.-
Brintec: I made something shameful…
Brintec: or, well I was in love…
Brintec: oh come on.
Brintec: I was sad because a woman said no.
Brintec: And I drank too much, so the day after I avoided work.
Brintec: That's it, nothing else.
Brintec: Please do not ask more.
Brintec: I think you know her, and I prefer to maintain privacy.
→ Go to Menita
YOU: I solved the problem, Brintec is fine now.
Menita: I know.
Menita: Now, you have to leave me.
Menita: Quickly.
YOU: Where you want me to go?
Menita: Free your thoughts.
Menita: And in the meantime try to do something else.
Menita: Bring me two glyph that Levrus sells, each from one of the Azure Way's supporting Ways.
YOU: I believe these are the two glyphs.
-Menita nods.-
Menita: In combing spells, you will at times need glyphs from other Ways.
Menita: On their own, each Way is limited in power.
Menita: Only in combination will you find the most powerful spells
-Menita hands back the glyphs.-
Menita: Although Azure Way is the most perfect Way supporting even ways that do not support it, no Way of magic is complete without the other Ways.
-Menita eyes move to you once more.-
Menita: This is known to include supporting Ways, neutral, and opposing.
Menita: Dark and Blue Way are neutral to Azure, neither greatly aiding nor impeding, though Azure is used for tempering some of their combinations.
Menita: For every coin, there exists two sides.
Menita: For Azure, this is opposing side is the Brown Way.
Menita: For your last task today, I will ask you to give me the Brown Way Glyph that Levrus sells.
YOU: Would it be this one?
-Menita nods and hands you the glyph back.-
Menita: Azure and Brown Way Circles are not enemies.
Menita: However, the magic contained within them collides.
Menita: Trying to combine opposing Ways can be dangerous, or even deadly.
Menita: You may train the supporting ways within a realm or so of Azure Way, but I advise you to limit any Brown Way training to a minimum.
Menita: If you train too high in the Brown Way, you risk being removed from the Azure Way Circle.
-Menita eyes drift slowly to gaze off towards Ojaveda.-
Menita: There is a lesson to be learned on a high hill towards Ojaveda.
Menita: A powerful man once thought he could challenge the gods by combining all magic Ways.
Menita: That hill was once much taller.
Menita: We will speak of it later when I decide you are ready.
Menita: Now it is time to complete this step.
YOU: Mistress Menita, I am ready to continue my path.
Menita: Very well.
Menita: You will show me this new wand every time you are ready for your next test session.
Menita: I also want you to have this as a personal gift from me.
-Menita flicks you a glyph, barely giving you time to catch it.-
Menita: Hand me your Master's wand when you think you are ready, and if I agree with that assumption I will accept it.
Rewards: 1 Gas glyph, 1 Master's Azure Way Wand, 25 Faction with Azure Order, 13600 XP.