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Barl's Extended Duty Contract
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: Hi, I am looking for job in this area, would you perhaps know of anything?
Beniua: Why yes, I have a matter of administrative importance in Hydlaa, if you'd like to run an errand.
Beniua: Does that pique your interest?
YOU: Just what I was looking for.
Beniua: I thought it might.
Beniua: Barl Prestis is a special operative beyond the Bronze Doors, and we currently cannot contact him.
Beniua: However, his extended work contract needs a signature so we can process his wages.
Beniua: He's named his wife Taria as a beneficiary, so we'd like you to give it to her and get her to sign it.
Beniua: Return to me with the signed document, or if you encounter any trouble.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: I have a special delivery for you.
-Taria takes the document and begins reading.-
Taria: Extended?
Taria: Six months…no no no.
Taria: He can't go on duty for another six months.
Taria: I hardly see my husband as it is.
Taria: They can't do this.
Taria: You take this right back and tell them I will not sign!
Taria: The duty is too long.
Taria: You hear me?
Taria: I will not sign!
-Taria thrusts the paper at you.-
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: Here is the contract.
Beniua: This contract isn't signed.
Beniua: What happened?
YOU: Taria will not sign the contract.
Beniua: Did she say why not?
YOU: She says the duty is too long, she hardly sees her husband.
Beniua: That's not enough of a reason - after all, she's acting on behalf of someone who's already agreed to long-term duty but is inaccessible at present.
Beniua: Could you please return to her and ask her to explain herself better?
Beniua: I can't return to Aerayau with 'Barl's wife misses him so she won't sign off on his contract.'
Beniua: Help us help the Prestis family.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: I am not really sure what you just said, can you please explain it better.
Taria: All right.
Taria: Before Barl left for his current tour of duty, he bore unto me a child.
Taria: I am expecting.
Taria: Barl is a father.
Taria: I want my husband to return so he can see his baby when it arrives.
Taria: Please tell them I'm pregnant.
Taria: Have mercy on a mother.
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: Taria is pregnant and want's Barl back to see his child.
Beniua: Ah, I see.
Beniua: We at the Sunshine Squadron do have exceptions in this case.
Beniua: I will need Aerayau Strongwill's approval, though.
Beniua: Give me the old contract, and I'll make up a Requisition form for a revised one.
Beniua: Give that to Commander Strongwill, and he will draw up a revised contract if he approves.
Beniua: He should; parenthood in the Sunshine Squadron is not unheard of.
YOU: Here is the contract.
Beniua: Thank you.
Beniua: It's a lot of paperwork, I know, but it's what administration's all about.
Beniua: Take this to Aerayau.
→ Go to Aerayau Strongwill
YOU: Beniua sends this.
-Aerayau reads the document.-
Aerayau: Barl's a good man and a fine warrior.
Aerayau: While the work he's doing is important, I think he deserves to take a leave from duty two months early.
Aerayau: I'll be sure to let him know he's a father as soon as possible.
Aerayau: But wait, if his wages were 2100 Tria for six months, how much would he get in four months?
YOU: 1400
Aerayau: Quite so.
Aerayau: The hazard pay would be 200 Tria, that I can figure out…and we're done.
Aerayau: Here's the contract.
Aerayau: Get it signed soon and return it to my administrator.
→ Go to Taria Prestis
YOU: I have a new contract for you to sign.
Taria: Four months?
Taria: That's much better.
Taria: The Sunshine Squadron is ever compassionate.
Taria: Now I will sign it.
Taria: Thank you.
-Taria signs the contract and gives it back to you.-
→ Go to Beniua Busuka
YOU: Taria signed the new contract.
Beniua: I'm glad an agreement was reached.
Beniua: On behalf of the Sunshine Squadron and the Prestises, I thank you.
Beniua: Here is a fourteen hundred tria administrative fee.
Rewards: 35 Faction with Guard, 9922 Tria, 18400 XP.