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Basics of Mining
Required: Quest Introduction to Crafting with Harnquist completed.
→ to Fholen
YOU: I'm searching some hints on mining, can you help me?
NPC: Ah, so you want to have me speak of my past?
NPC: Eh, I was a miner in the Jade caves to the north of Ojaveda for many years.
NPC: I've specialized in refining and cutting gems in recent years.
YOU: Gems, they must be better than mining iron!
NPC: Don't think it's easier!
NPC: To get a good gem you may seek for days, and the process to cut them is very very complex and requires extra care.
YOU: Specifically I'm searching some iron ore.
NPC: Oh well, you can easily buy it from some miner, but seems you are interested in how the whole process works, so you may try to extract it yourself!
NPC: It's not that hard, there are some rich veins just around hydlaa.
YOU: Ok, can you let me know where are the mines located?
NPC: The mines are not too hard to find, you should exit from Hydlaa going north, after the two round towers, and kada tavern.
NPC: Then travel into the forest and turn left at the first T intersection, you will arrive to an outdoor area.
NPC: In that outdoor area there is an iron mine just after the hill to your right, it's a flat area surrounded by hills.
YOU: How do I recognize a good place to mine?
NPC: You should closely analyze the terrain and search for the good rocks!
NPC: Well, at least you should not search through the grass
- Fholen laughs. -
YOU: I am interested in understanding which equipment is needed.
NPC: There are two very important things you need: a rock pick and some training.
NPC: You can obtain the rock pick from any blacksmith, and I can teach you some fundamentals of mining for a small price.
NPC: When you have both, you are ready to go!
YOU: So just a rock pick and training, sounds good.
NPC: Yes, remember to equip your rock pick in your right hand, and then to search the ground.
NPC: You will need also some good muscles
- Fholen smiles. -
NPC: Goodbye for now.
NPC: Ask me again if you need anything.
Reward: 9400 xp, faction Crafting Association+10