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Basics of Mining
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Fholen Medraa
YOU: I'm searching for some hints on mining, can you help me?
Fholen: Ah, so you want to have me speak of my past?
Fholen: Eh, I was a miner in the Jade caves to the north of Ojaveda for many years.
Fholen: I've specialized in refining and cutting gems in recent years.
YOU: Well, I'm searching for information on basic ore, like iron, tin, not specifically gems.
Fholen: Well, the extraction is about the same, and I have been with miners all my life.
YOU: Where can I get iron ore?.
Fholen: Oh well, you can easily buy it from a miner.
Fholen: But it seems you are interested in how the whole process works, so you may try to extract it yourself!
Fholen: It's not that hard, there are some rich veins just near Hydlaa.
YOU: Ok, can you let me know where are the mines located?
Fholen: The mines are not too hard to find.
Fholen: You should exit from Hydlaa going north which is the gate past Kada-El's tavern next to the windowless tower.
Fholen: Then travel into the forest, turning left at the first 'T' intersection you should continue until you arrive in an open outdoor area.
Fholen: In that outdoor area there is an iron mine just up and over the hill to your right.
Fholen: The mine is in the hillside which surrounds a flat area.
YOU: How do I recognize a good place to mine?
Fholen: You should closely analyze the terrain and search for the good rocks!
Fholen: Well, at least you should not search through the grass
- Fholen Medraa laughs.
YOU: I am interested in understanding which equipment is needed.
Fholen: There is one very important thing you need: a rock pick.
Fholen: You can obtain the rock pick from any blacksmith.
Fholen: To get better at mining all you need to do is mine, anything, you will get more skilled and experienced with every attempt!
YOU: So just a rock pick, sounds good.
Fholen: Yes, remember to equip your rock pick in your right hand, and then to search the ground.
Fholen: You will need also some good muscles
- Fholen Medraa smiles.
Fholen: There is an Enkidukai over in Ojaveda who will tell you more about mining if you're ever interested.
Fholen: Ah, and I know folks like to know where else to get little jobs or tasks from folks.
Fholen: The Hydlaa Vigesimi, herself, Amidison Stronghand, was asking something about Stonehammers and mining, which I found odd.
Fholen: Maybe if you see her you can ask about it.
Fholen: And speaking of dwarves, Lorytia Starhammer is always worth a visit if you're out by the Eagle fortress sometime.
Fholen: Goodbye for now.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Crafting Association, 9400 XP.