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Becoming a Blue Way Adept
Required: Rank 40 Blue Way, 1 Apprentice's Blue Way Wand.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Please accept my Way Wand as proof of being a student.
Sharven: And so the student returns.
-Sharven has another look at his cargo before handing your wand back.-
Sharven: Did you manage to get the Water Glyph I asked you to study?
Sharven: I am quite busy here, so I may have forgotten to mention it.
Sharven: Either way, do you have it?
YOU: No, I had no idea I needed it.
Sharven: Hmm, yes.
Sharven: Although Blue Way has many different glyphs, they can be difficult to obtain.
Sharven: It is said that Blue glyphs like to form around water.
Sharven: Since water is always moving, you can imagine the difficulties glyph hunters have in tracking them down.
-Sharven shakes his head.-
Sharven: You do need a Water Glyph to continue.
-Sharven seems lost in thought for a moment.-
Sharven: Once you have the Water Glyph, I will need you to tell me what spell it can produce.
YOU: May I ask you where to find the Water Glyph.
Sharven: As I said you need a glyph hunter.
Sharven: Try to ask around, maybe someone will sell it to you.
-Sharven scratches his head.-
Sharven: Oh!
Sharven: There's another way.
Sharven: I know a Ylian man who uses various glyphs to study anti-magic.
Sharven: He's the alchemist in Ojaveda.
Sharven: Do you know him?
YOU: vladovic
Sharven: Yes.
Sharven: Exactly.
Sharven: I am sure he would have a Water Glyph.
Sharven: He continues to ask about Dried Maajo, I think he's full of it to his Ylian neck.
Sharven: Uhm, maybe you can bring him herbica exotica…
Sharven: no, too difficult for only a glyph.
Sharven: Gobo roots?
Sharven: Nah….
Sharven: he will think you're an Azure Way student.
Sharven: We need to be original.
YOU: May I ask you what you have in mind.
Sharven: Vladovic is an alchemist, and alchemists always need pure water.
Sharven: Here, take this magic bottle and ask to Jardet Forsill to fill it with pure water.
Sharven: You will find him in a garden in Hydlaa.
Sharven: Then take the bottle to Vladovic.
Sharven: I'm sure he will give you the glyph.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: Sharven told me you can fill these bottles with pure water.
Jardet: Ehhh, you're not the first.
Jardet: I think Sharven has an evil plan.
-Jardet bends down, and starts to fill the empty bottle with pool water.-
Jardet: Tell me the truth; he plans to drain out my fountain!
-Jardet continues to fill the bottle, for several minutes.-
Jardet: And you Blue Way students are his accomplices.
-At last, Jardet finishes filling it, then smiles friendly while he hands you the bottle.-
Jardet: Take it, and have a nice journey.
Jardet: Oh, take care, it's heavier then it seems.
YOU: Someone told me you could use some Pure water.
-Vladovic looks you over.-
Jardet: An apprentice in the Blue Way?
Jardet: Well then, I assume you want a Water Glyph.
Jardet: Let me see what I have…
-Vladovic scratches around in a little bag.-
Jardet: Now where did I put that?
-Vladovic searches under the counter.-
Jardet: Hmm?
-Vladovic pats his pockets and then removes a glyph from it.-
Jardet: Ah, here we go.
Jardet: I suppose I am done with it after all.
Jardet: Good luck in your training.
Jardet: You will want to tell Sharven what spell you can cast with it.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: rinse
Sharven: Correct, It is good for clearing the mind, especially between long sessions of concentration.
Sharven: Congratulations YOU, you have passed the second part of my testing.
-Sharven pulls out a robe.-
Sharven: This robe completes your set.
Sharven: Your testing with me is complete.
Sharven: However, you will have to train with me to the extent of my abilities.
YOU: Then what?
Sharven: Once I can no longer train you, you will seek out Tarmeen for your next tests.
Sharven: You will need to hand him two wands, one belonging to you and one from a fellow student.
Sharven: Each Circle requires this of its students to prove that they not only have the respect of their teachers, but also that of their fellow students.
Sharven: After that, he will advance you into the next level of testing.
Sharven: You will return the other Lower wand to the person who loaned it to you.
Rewards: 1 Water glyph, 1 Apprentice's Blue Way Robe, 20 Faction with Blue Order, 13200 XP.