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Becoming a Brown Way Adept
Required: Rank 40 Brown Way, 1 Brown Way Apprentice's Wand, 1 Summon glyph, 1 Rock glyph, 1 Hand glyphs.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I return with my wand for more training.
Jardet: And so the student returns.
Jardet: I assume you are ready for your first combination glyph test?
Jardet: Of course you are.
Jardet: You are my student, and would not risk Yliakum by distracting me from my Guard duties for any other reason.
Jardet: Since you are ready, hand me the two glyphs that combine to allow you to hurl flying rocks at your enemy.
-Jardet awaits the glyphs.-
YOU: Would it be these two ?
-Jardet nods and hands the two glyphs back.-
Jardet: Well done.
Jardet: This is handy for pelting those pesky tefusang into submission.
Jardet: Now for the next test you will need an Red Way glyph called Hand.
Jardet: Do you have one?
YOU: Hand it is.
Jardet: Excellent!
Jardet: I will hold onto your Hand glyph until this test is over.
Jardet: For the next step, give me the glyph that combines with it to attack with a hard powerful fist.
Jardet: I'll give you a hint if you are not sure what that is.
Jardet: It is what rolls around in Trasok's head if he thinks too hard.
-Jardet laughs again.-
YOU: Would it be Rock?
Jardet: Exactly.
Jardet: As for the spell this combination creates, it allows you to conjure a much more powerful version of the first spell I asked you and show you how versatile the Brown Way glyphs are.
Jardet: Well, we might as well get this moving.
Jardet: You are ready to advance?
YOU: Yes, ready and willing.
Jardet: Congratulations YOU, you have passed this final section of my testing.
Jardet: Here are your glyphs, and also your robe to complete the Apprentice set.
Jardet: You will now go to Lorytia Starhammer for further testing to become an Adept in the Brown way.
Jardet: I suggest you train with me until I can no longer instruct you before approaching Lorytia.
Jardet: You will need to hand Lorytia two wands, one belonging to you and one from a fellow student.
Jardet: Each Circle requires this of its students to prove that they not only have the respect of their teachers, but also that of their fellow students.
Jardet: After you give Lorytia the two Brown Way Wands, she will advance you into the next level of testing and give you a new wand.
Jardet: You will return the other Apprentice wand to the person who loaned it to you.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Brown Way Robe, 15 Faction with Brown Order, 10800 XP.