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Becoming a Crystal Way Adept
Required: Rank 40 Crystal Way, 1 Crystal Way Bracers, 5 Tefustang Teeth, 1 Arrow glyph, 1 Energy glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: Please have my bracers as proof of being a student.
Sharven: And so the student returns.
Sharven: I assume you are ready for your combination glyph test?
YOU: I am.
Sharven: Good.
Sharven: First, show me the glyph that creates an arrow that is thrown at the target.
-Sharven awaits the glyph.-
YOU: Here is the Arrow glyph.
-Sharven nods.-
Sharven: Well done.
Sharven: Now show me the glyph that combines with this one to create an even stronger arrow of damaging energy.
-Sharven once again awaits your glyph.-
YOU: My energy glyph.
Sharven: Excellent!
Sharven: I want you to now go out and practice your healing and arrow spells in battle.
Sharven: Bring me 5 Tefusang teeth to prove you have completed this task.
YOU: Here the Tefustang teeth.
Sharven: Well done, YOU, you have passed the second part of my test.
Sharven: I give onto you this Apprentice's Crystal Way Robe as proof of your skills to complete your set.
Sharven: Once I can no longer train you, our time together will be at an end.
Sharven: You will then go to Tarmeen Alecheech to continue your testing.
Sharven: Remember, Tarmeen will not be allowed to start the next step until your training with me is at an end.
Sharven: Also, you will need to hand Tarmeen two wands, one belonging to you and one from a fellow student.
Sharven: Each Circle requires this of its students to prove that they not only have the respect of their teachers, but also that of their fellow students.
Sharven: After you give Tarmeen the two Crystal Way Wands, he will advance you into the next level of testing and give you a new wand.
Sharven: You will return the other Lower wand to the person who loaned it to you.
Rewards: 1 Apprentice's Crystal Way Robe, 20 Faction with Crystal Order, 12200 XP.