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Becoming a Dark Way Adept
Required: Rank 30 Dark Way, 1 Dark Way Apprentice's Bracers, 10 circles, 1 Mind glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyph back.
→ Go to Oriven Thamel
YOU: Please except my Way Bracers as proof of being a student.
Oriven: And so the mortal student returns.
Oriven: Hand me the Dark Way glyph called Negate.
-Oriven awaits your glyph.-
Oriven: You do have the glyph, don't you?
Oriven: If not hand me ten circles and I will give you mine.
YOU: One, two, three, …, ten.
-Oriven shakes his head.-
Oriven: You come here so ill prepared?
-Oriven hands you your glyph.-
Oriven: Now purify it and hand it back.
-YOU purify Negate-
YOU: I come prepared, one Negate glyph.
-Oriven nods.-
Oriven: Now bring me the glyph that combines with this one to create the spell that drains the target's mental abilities and lends them to the caster.
-Oriven hands the Negate Glyph back and awaits the requested glyph.-
Oriven: I will give you a hint, it is not a Dark Way Glyph.
→ Give Oriven Thamel 1 Mind Glyph
YOU: I have that glyph right here.
Oriven: Not bad for a mortal, you have past this part of your training.
Oriven: Here is your robe to complete your set.
Oriven: Show me this robe when I no longer offer training.
Oriven: And go and see that dwarf Thorian, I keep hearing he is pestering our way for some enchanted crystals.
Rewards: 1 Negate glyph, 1 Apprentice's Dark Way Robe, 20 Faction with Dark Order, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.