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Becoming a Laanx Follower
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Do you need help with anything?
Menlil: If you want to be of service to the Laanx temple, you first need to be part of our community.
Menlil: Are you a registered follower of Laanx?
YOU: I am not.
Menlil: It's very easy to become one.
Menlil: We require a donation of one thousand tria for our cause.
Menlil: Come back when you have such a donation, and I will register you in our book of Laanx followers.
YOU: I have a donation for you.
Menlil: Very good.
Menlil: Thanks for the offering.
Menlil: I will add you to the list of Laanx followers.
Menlil: Thanks again, and may Laanx frighten the shadow from your path!
Rewards: 10 Faction with Iron Hand, 9400 XP.