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Beginning the Red Way Apprenticeship
Required: Rank 20 Red Way, 1 Apprentice's Red Way Wand, 1 Fire glyph.
[INFO]: You get the glyph back.
→ Go to Ferryd Shillor
YOU: Please accept this wand as proof I am ready to join the Red Way Circle.
Ferryd: Welcome, student of the red way.
Ferryd: I must say you look like you have enjoyed your training with Levrus, or whoever it was.
-Ferryd hands you back the wand with a knowing grin.-
Ferryd: I have been told about you, YOU , and I think you show promise.
Ferryd: Normally, you would have to travel to the forth level to gain training in the Red Way Circle, but since I am here for a time, I can begin your instruction myself.
Ferryd: Be grateful that you are learning from a master, not a lower member like the other Circles.
Ferryd: And let's begin with some basics.
Ferryd: Every element can destroy, and every element can purify, but there's one element faster than the others.
Ferryd: What is this element?
YOU: fire
Ferryd: Easy, isn't it?
Ferryd: Fire can destroy, can purify, but it's also used to change.
Ferryd: And it is dangerous too.
Ferryd: Remember that.
Ferryd: Wise men use this danger against their enemies and use the power of change to became better and better.
-Ferryd nods, looking proud of himself for the explanation.-
Ferryd: Now, for the formalities.
Ferryd: Please confirm that your name is indeed YOU.
YOU: Yes, my name is YOU.
-Ferryd grins.-
Ferryd: Sure it is, well done.
Ferryd: You know how stuffy elders can be with their conventions and formalities.
-Ferryd writes your name on the report and hands it to you.-
Ferryd: You are required to take this report to our top trainer and the most powerful and handsome of all Archmages on the Dome.
Ferryd: But before you run off, you will also need to bring him a red way glyph together with the report.
Ferryd: This particular glyph is responsible for a spell that will launch fire from your arm to damage a foe.
Ferryd: It is the single most common of all Red Way Glyphs and is often found for sale.
Ferryd: Good luck, Initiate.
YOU: Your report and the glyph you requested.
-Ferryd bursts out laughing.-
Ferryd: I see you have found the handsome Red Way Archmage.
-Ferryd breathes deep as he tries to contain himself.-
Ferryd: I never grow tired of that one, I don't know what I would do if i did.
Ferryd: Now let's look at your glyph.
-Ferryd inspect the glyph.-
Ferryd: Ah very good.
Ferryd: Red Way is not all about aggression you know, but a lot of it is.
Ferryd: I must let you know that training with me will never be boring, and in no time we will make you a master of The Red Way.
-Ferryd snickers again as he turns his attention away from you.-
Ferryd: Ah yes, before I forget, you will need a certain glyph before you may continue your training.
Ferryd: I once gave a Glyph to a person named Meoeor who was traveling.
Ferryd: I think that would be a good first task for you to show your dedication to the Red Way.
Ferryd: Find him and that glyph.
Ferryd: I doubt he will just give it to you.
Ferryd: Ask if you can help him first.
Ferryd: Then use it to continue your training.
Ferryd: Once you have the glyph and sufficient training, return to me and present your Red Way Wand to me.
Ferryd: And with that said I am happy to bestow the title of Trainee Apprentice of the Red Way.
Ferryd: It's not much of a title, but if you study hard you won't have it for long.
Ferryd: Oh and before I forget if you find yourself in or about the Tavern in Hydlaa search out Throian, I hear he is annoyed with our enchanter.
Rewards: 10 Faction with Red Order, 9400 XP.