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Bend the Octarch's Ear
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: May I be of use?
Kilas: Ah, YOU, it's good to see you again.
Kilas: Think you can handle it?
YOU: I'd love to try.
Kilas: That's the spirit!
Kilas: As you might know, I'm an architect.
Kilas: I have lots of plans for houses - you have the Housing Layout - but the Octarch has been slow in reviewing them.
Kilas: Naturally the Octarch has lots of work to do, but Hydlaa is on the brink of a housing shortage.
Kilas: I can think of four of the Octarch's confidantes who might be able to speed up the review.
Kilas: If you can get them to agree to that, I'll reward you greatly.
Kilas: Make sure you ask me about those confidantes before you go running off; I'll give you a list.
Kilas: Good luck!
YOU: Who are those confidantes you mentioned?
Kilas: One is of course the Vigesimi Amidison Stronghand.
Kilas: The Octarch is bound to listen to a Vigesimi.
Kilas: There's also an aristocrat by the name of Loren Chama, a personal friend of the Octarch's.
Kilas: Saria Dunwallow is the Octarch's clothier with more influence than she lets on.
Kilas: Finally, Commander Raithen of the Shadow Squadron has known the Octarch for some time.
Kilas: Ask them to speed up the review, or just tell them about it.
Kilas: You'll think of something.
Kilas: Providing for their wants and needs will probably get you better results.
Kilas: Don't let me down, YOU.
→ Go to Amidison Stronghand
YOU: Is there any way you can speed up the review of housing plans for Hydlaa?
Amidison: Thanks for bringing this to my attention, citizen.
Amidison: But I can't go to the Octarch empty handed.
Amidison: You do have a plan on paper, do you not?
Amidison: A layout of some kind?
YOU: offers the housing plan to Vigesimi Stronghand.
Amidison: Let me see that.
-She studies the document.-
Amidison: Everything looks to be in order.
Amidison: It's obvious a lot of work went into this.
Amidison: Very well.
Amidison: I shall bring it to the Octarch's attention as soon as I can.
Amidison: Take this seal as a token of my word,
→ Go to Loren Chama
YOU: There's about to be a housing shortage in Hydlaa. Can you help?
Loren: More common rabble in Hydlaa?
Loren: Bah.
Loren: Why should I help in this endeavour?
Loren: Although, five hundred tria might make me think twice about it…
-Loren smiles greedily.-
YOU: Here is a 'contribution' for you.
Loren: Here's a seal of verbal contract.
→ Go to Saria Dunwallow
YOU: Would you be willing to talk to the Octarch about the housing shortage?
Saria: What's that, darling?
Saria: You want me to speak to the Octarch on your behalf?
Saria: Normally, I'd be all too happy to help, but it will have to wait a few weeks.
Saria: I need to take a trip to Ojaveda and pick up my custom-made carpet from Brintec.
Saria: Do you know where I'm going with this, dear?
YOU: I'm pretty sure I can guess.
Saria: Splendid.
Saria: Take this receipt to Brintec.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: I'm here to pick up Saria Dunwallow's carpet.
Brintec: Very good, Sir.
Brintec: Here's the carpet for Ms. Dunwallow as promised.
→ Go to Saria Dunwallow
YOU: Here you are. It's quite heavy.
Saria: Marvellous!
Saria: This saves me so mush time.
Saria: I can see the Octarch with little delay.
Saria: Here's my word; it's my bond.
→ Go to Raithen
YOU: I could use your influence to help fix the housing problem in Hydlaa.
Raithen: And just when do you think I'll be able to speak to the Octarch?
Raithen: As if it matters to me - do I look like a Hydlaan?….
-Raithen sighs.-
Raithen: Listen.
Raithen: It's not your fault.
Raithen: I'm just upset because I can't leave my post to buy a ticket to the Pterosaur Arena show before they're sold out.
Raithen: Too bad; I know the Octarch will be in attendance and I could discuss the matter then.
Raithen: The saddlers usually have tickets to sell.
→ Go to Krestal Dhusho
YOU: Do you have any Pterosaur Arena tickets to sell?
Krestal: Yes Sir, I've got a handful left.
Krestal: Only ten Tria!
YOU: A jingling sound is heard as YOU pulls some coin from his money bag.
Krestal: Pleasure doing business with you, Sir.
→ Go to Raithen
YOU: You were fortunate. There were a few tickets left.
Raithen: This is much appreciated.
Raithen: I shall let the Octarch know about Hydlaa's needs.
Raithen: Take my seal.
→ Go to Kilas Tungse
YOU: I've got the support of all those on your list.
Kilas: I'm impressed.
Kilas: Now, give me the seals, please.
YOU: Here they are; all accounted for.
Kilas: YOU, I think you might just have helped the housing shortage.
Kilas: After all this persistence, things are bound to happen soon!
Kilas: You have earned this, and my respect.
-Kilas hands you a glyph.-
Kilas: If you like, I can point you in the right direction for others I know of that can help you further your educational quest.
YOU: Sure, who else can I speak with?
-Kilas Tungse breaks a wide grin.-
Kilas: Ohh, that's wonderful.
Kilas: There is so much to tell you.
-Kilas Tungse ponders for a moment, straightens his posture out, and speaks with enthusiasm and extreme precision as if he pretty much knows everyone.-
Kilas: Let's start right here in Hydlaa.
Kilas: Over in the arena, I have it on good authority that the arena boss, Gregori Stevald, has been asking around about something.
Kilas: Perhaps he may have some tasks for you.
Kilas: Over in Ojaveda, the smithy, Trasok, may be a standing member of the Crafting Association, but I know he loves brain teasers…riddles that is.
Kilas: Over in Gugrontid, there is a brilliant Kran by the name of Kerryk Cor.
Kilas: And if you're ever out by the Eagle Bronze Doors, in the wilderness you may find a campfire and there you'll often find two fierce competitors of Octarch's Chess.
Kilas: And by the water wheel at the fortress there, you can often find a very good friend of mine, Thrynt Glass.
Kilas: Finally, should you ever earn your way into the winch area, the folks there often have something for passers by to do.
Kilas: In particular, Raul Ursino is a friend of mine.
Kilas: After that, in the winch building, itself, you'll find a brilliant engineer by the name of Lerok.
YOU: That's a lot of good information, thanks.
Kilas: Not a problem.
Kilas: I'm always glad to keep our fine citizens well informed.
-Kilas Tungse smirks with satisfaction.-
Kilas: Safe travels, my good friend.
Rewards: 1 Mind glyph, 15 Faction with Science Association, 9400 XP.