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Best Judgment
Required: 1 Bird Note.
[INFO]: You get the Bird Note from the Coveted Traditions quest.
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: gives Relliom the bird note.
-Relliom studies the drawing for a few seconds, then looks at you knowingly.-
Relliom: A very interesting piece of art.
Relliom: Very interesting indeed.
Relliom: It seems that perhaps you can aid me in a task of my own.
Relliom: It is quite simple, really.
Relliom: I need you to give someone a scroll.
Relliom: I assume you will use the same…
-Relliom pauses.-
Relliom: …judgment as you did for your delivery.
Relliom: Yes or no?
Relliom: You might not get a second chance, so best you think hard before answering.
YOU: Yes.
Relliom: The eager little clacker, now aren't we?
Relliom: I like that.
Relliom: Now for your little task.
Relliom: Take this sealed scroll to Jirosh Mikana.
Relliom: A friend of mine,
-Relliom gives you a sly smile.-
Relliom: Melorick asked me to take care of this little issue, if you understand my meaning.
Relliom: He doesn't like to be bothered, so you'd best let me know what Jirosh says.
Relliom: I'd hate to have Melorick get upset with you.
Relliom: The rest is up to you.
Relliom: If you lack the skills to react to the situation, come back and tell me you quit.
Relliom: I am not an unforgiving man.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: gives Jirosh Melorick's scroll case.
Jirosh: Greetings!
Jirosh: Welcome to my humble business.
Jirosh: What's this?
-Jirosh breaks the scroll case's seal and pulls out a scroll and a small metal object. A frown forms on his face as he reads.-
Jirosh: This is serious.
Jirosh: It seems that one of my clients received a crate of damaged goods.
-Jirosh continues reading and his eyes grow wide.-
Jirosh: This is more than serious.
Jirosh: The crate contained jade blanks for the figurines intended for certain Enkidukai traditional ceremonies.
Jirosh: The carver can't use the broken blanks.
Jirosh: What a terrible loss.
Jirosh: Those figurines mean a great deal, but will be delayed until the next shipment.
-Jirosh picks up the metal object.-
Jirosh: This was found inside the damaged crate.
Jirosh: Could you take it and see if Merrinez knows anything about it?
-Jirosh waits for your answer.-
YOU: Hand it over and I will see what I find out.
Jirosh: Right, then.
Jirosh: Take this to Merrinez straightaway.
Jirosh: The faster this is solved, the better I will feel.
Jirosh: Tell me who it belongs to if you find out.
-Jirosh hands you the metal object.-
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: gives Merrinez the metal stopper.
Merrinez: Thanks!
Merrinez: I have been looking all over for this.
Merrinez: I was wondering where it got off to.
Merrinez: Been missing for a few days now.
-Merrinez pulls a small, battered flask out of his pocket and twists the stopper in the end.-
Merrinez: Who found it?
YOU: Jirosh Mikana.
Merrinez: Jirosh!
Merrinez: That could mean trouble for me.
Merrinez: He might think I was drinking on the job.
Merrinez: Mind you, I never do that.
Merrinez: I just like to keep this flask close to me, ya know.
Merrinez: It belonged to five generations of Dholants, and I plan on passing it down to my first son.
Merrinez: Well…I gotta get back to work.
Merrinez: I hope Jirosh don't think the wrong thing.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Merrinez
Jirosh: I feared it might belong to him.
Jirosh: I have seen him with the flask that stopper belonged to.
Jirosh: I am going to have to reprimand him for this later.
Jirosh: I don't have the time now if I am to make out the order for new jade.
-Jirosh sighs.-
Jirosh: I really should do something now though.
Jirosh: Do you think I should take his flask away?
YOU: Yes, drinking on the job should not be tolerated.
Jirosh: Then go get it for me, please.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: Jirosh wants the flask, now.
Merrinez: Oh…
-Merrinez's face droops.-
Merrinez: I just heard about the busted crate of jade.
Merrinez: He must think I did it.
Merrinez: I swear I have not dropped a crate in months, and I never drink on the job.
Merrinez: I only have a few with my friends after work.
Merrinez: He has to believe that!
Merrinez: If he takes my flask away, what am I going to have to pass on to my first son…
Merrinez: that is, if Toda would even accept if I asked her to marry me.
Merrinez: This is awful!
Merrinez: If this gets out, she is gonna think I am a halfwit drunk who slacks on the job.
-Merrinez looks at you with pleading eyes.-
Merrinez: You gotta help me out and clear my name.
Merrinez: Will you help me?
Merrinez: Please?
Merrinez: For my future children's sake.
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: No, hand over the flask.
Merrinez: If you don't believe me…
Merrinez: then I guess I gotta do what the boss says.
Merrinez: Here…
-Merrinez hands over the flask.-
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
Jirosh: Thank you.
Jirosh: I hate to do this to him, as he has been such a good worker for such a long time, but I have even more bad news.
Jirosh: Since it seems he is responsible for the broken jade, I will have to dock his pay to cover part of the replacement cost.
Jirosh: If you could, tell him he must pay…
-Jirosh pauses.-
Jirosh: Never mind.
Jirosh: I would rather tell him myself.
Jirosh: It would be too cruel coming from someone who is practically a stranger.
Jirosh: I just remembered. I have a package waiting for Melorick to pick up.
Jirosh: Please take it to him; I cannot keep it here any longer.
-Jirosh hands you a wooden box decorated with a highly stylised tree engraved on the cover.-
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: gives Relliom the engraved tree box.
-Relliom chuckles as he takes the box. He studies the tree for a moment before looking at you.-
Relliom: Well done.
Relliom: Poor poor Merrinez.
Relliom: He should really learn to be more careful, don't you think?
Relliom: It is so sad when good people allow their lives to fall apart like that.
Relliom: I am sure you are much more careful.
Relliom: I would hate for something like that to befall you, my friend.
Relliom: Now, before we go on, I am going to give you a choice.
-Relliom grins and holds up a slip of paper.-
Relliom: You can go back and tell Jirosh that Merrinez is innocent…or you can take this note.
Relliom: A simple choice, really.
Relliom: Give an innocent man his life back, or accept a single piece of paper.
Relliom: What will it be?
Relliom: Life or paper?
YOU: Paper.
Relliom: Well, then, my eager little clacker.
Relliom: It is time for your next task.
Relliom: Take your paper.
Relliom: I am sure you know what to do with it.
Way 2:
YOU: Okay, I will try and help.
Relliom: Thank Talad!
Relliom: I don't know where the crate got broke, or even if it got broke, but it was not me or anyone else here.
Relliom: Tell Jirosh I didn't do it.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Merrinez didn't damage the crate.
Jirosh: Well, if he said he did not do it, then I believe him.
Jirosh: I don't hire workers that would lie to me.
Jirosh: I will have to look elsewhere for the problem.
Jirosh: Might have fallen off a cart, or have been damaged on delivery.
Jirosh: Thank you for your help.
Jirosh: Tell Melorick I will make amends.
Jirosh: Here is a coin for your bother.
-Jirosh hands you a circle.-
→ Go to Relliom
YOU: Jirosh will make amends.
Relliom: Will he now?
Relliom: No…I think it is you who shall be making amends.
Relliom: You sadden me with your sloth.
Relliom: You could not even complete a simple test.
Relliom: You are of no more use to me.
Relliom: The others who follow the whisper in the sewers await your service.
Relliom: Perhaps you will better serve those worms.
Rewards: [Way 1] 1 Creature glyph, 25 Faction with Artists Association, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP, [Way 2] 20 Faction with Enkidukai, 5 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 3641 Tria, 12200 XP.