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Bestowing the Gifts of Xiosia
Required: Rank 30 Hebalism, 1 Sicklepod Flower, 1 Lavender Oil.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: Is there anything else I need for herbalism?
-Aleena turns to you and nods.-
Aleena: Yes, YOU.
Aleena: I think you are ready for one more special gift.
-Aleena holds up another book.-
Aleena: This will teach you how to make two very special remedies called healing salves.
Aleena: Ready to learn more?
YOU: Yes, I guess healing salves heal you?
-Aleena laughs and nods.-
Aleena: Yes, there are a couple you can make.
Aleena: You are already familiar with making Gobo oil and Lavender oil, right?
YOU: Yes, I know how to make them.
Aleena: Yes, as I recall we made some Lavender oil last time.
Aleena: Well, with Lavender oil we can mix in some Sicklepod powder and heat up the mixture in a pot to make salve.
Aleena: With Gobo oil, we can mix in some Blackbush powder to make some Gobo Salve.
-Aleena eyes you.-
Aleena: I don't have to tell you where to find Sicklepod flowers or Blackbush Stems, do I?
Aleena: I hope you know where or how to find these things by now.
Aleena: You know how to make a powder, right?
YOU: Yes, I know how to make powder.
Aleena: Great, then it should be a snap.
Aleena: Give it a try.
Aleena: Make some Lavender Salve and bring it back to me.
-Aleena hands you the book as she finishes.-
YOU: [You show Aleena the salve.] All done!
-Aleena takes a look and smiles.-
Aleena: Very good, YOU.
Aleena: I know this wasn't much, but really this is all I have to teach you.
Aleena: You have completed your apprenticeship!
Aleena: Now all that's left is for you to continue practicing.
Aleena: You know all you need, it's just a matter of making higher quality remedies.
Aleena: It has been a joy teaching you.
-Aleena waves goodbye.-
Rewards: 1 Gifts of Xiosia, 30 Faction with Science Association, 15000 XP.