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Bhurral's Awkward Task
Required: Winch Access.
YOU: Can I help with something again?
Levrus: Greetings, Maddam. I find I am in need of your help again.
Levrus: Will you do something for me?
YOU: You can count on me.
Levrus: This is a bit…
Levrus: uncomfortable.
-Bhurral scowls and lowers her eyes to the ground briefly.-
Levrus: My commander has asked me to investigate the rogue activities around the Mikana Trading Company and make a report.
Levrus: I have done so, but now I have been ordered to deliver a copy to Jirosh Mikana as well; he is quite influential in Ojaveda and is able to demand such things.
Levrus: For reasons of my own, that will stay my own, I do not wish to deliver this in person.
-Bhurral hands you a bulky stack of papers.-
Levrus: Please see that this gets delivered to Jirosh.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Here is a report on rogue activity from Bhurral Varsheen.
-Jirosh scans through the document.-
Jirosh: I see my sister has been painfully thorough.
-Jirosh smiles sadly.-
Jirosh: I imagine you had no idea that Bhurral and I are related.
Jirosh: She has been estranged from the rest of the Mikanas for a few years now.
Jirosh: The family thought her choice of profession too lowly for a Mikana.
Jirosh: When she married another guard, Khirimm, it caused a complete rift.
Jirosh: I would like to mend the wound, but I have no clue how to start.
-Jirosh's expression becomes determined as he looks down at the report again.-
Jirosh: Perhaps I do have a clue, and you have just given it to me.
-Jirosh hastily scribbles some notes on the report and hands it back to you.-
Jirosh: Please, take this to my brother Phanejor.
Jirosh: Perhaps seeing her talents will sway him, and my note will help remove his stubbornness.
→ Go to Phanejor Mikana
Phanejor: Excellent, my good Ynnwn.
Phanejor: I have been awaiting this.
Phanejor: Please stay a few moments while I peruse the document; I may have a reply to send back.
-As Phanejor reads, his brows arch in astonishment.-
Phanejor: Bhurral Varsheen wrote this… did this?
Phanejor: It is superlative piece of work.
Phanejor: Well, she always did have talents far above the station in life she chose for herself.
-Phanejor frowns, then shakes himself.-
Phanejor: I am keeping you waiting.
Phanejor: Allow me to read my brother's addendum and I will be finished.
-Phanejor gasps.-
Phanejor: He says…
Phanejor: he says…
Phanejor: 'She has lost Khirimm to True Death as he performed his duties, must she go without our support as well?' I did not know!
Phanejor: We have all cut ourselves off from her so completely.
Phanejor: I am so shamefully stubborn.
Phanejor: Jirosh has obviously had more concern for our poor sister than I have; I will trust him to know how to proceed.
Phanejor: Go to my brother as soon as may be, and tell him I grieve for Bhurral.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Phanejor grieves for Bhurral.
Jirosh: Yes, I do as well, and it is up to me to let her know that.
Jirosh: I will write a letter for you to take to her…
Jirosh: hopefully she will think it is official business and read it instead of tearing it up.
Jirosh: Give me a moment.
-Jirosh pulls out quill and paper and begins to write.-
-After a good while and many false starts, Jirosh seals the letter and hands it to you.-
Jirosh: Please, take this to my sister.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
YOU: Jirosh Mikana instructed me to deliver this response.
Bhurral: I was very careful to make sure my report was complete.
Bhurral: I wonder what Jirosh could possibly have to say about it?
-Bhurral reads, and as she does, her tail droops. When she finally speaks, her voice is very quiet.-
Bhurral: I was not expecting this, YOU.
Bhurral: Not at all.
Bhurral: From Jirosh, perhaps, but not Phanejor.
-Bhurral's mouth twists up at one corner.-
Bhurral: Phanejor and I are twins in hardheadedness.
Bhurral: This one letter is not nearly enough to mend the breach, but it is a beginning.
Bhurral: I am off duty soon.
Bhurral: Please go tell Jirosh to meet me at Brado's, and we will see what we see.
Bhurral: I will wait for his answer.
→ Go to Jirosh Mikana
YOU: Bhurral wants to meet at Brado's.
-Jirosh smiles at you, his eyes growing wet.-
Jirosh: Please, yes.
Jirosh: Tell her I will meet her and take this for your pains and kindness.
-Jirosh reaches into a small pouch and pulls out a glyph, he looks at it a moment before handing it to you.-
Jirosh: I hope this can help you along the way as much as you have helped me.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
YOU: Jirosh agrees to the meeting at Brado's.
Bhurral: Thank you, YOU.
Bhurral: You are more than you seem.
-Bhurral hands you some octa.-
Bhurral: I hope this is enough for your time.
Rewards: 1 Life glyph, 20 Faction with Guard, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.