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Bhurral Watches for Trouble
Required: Nothing.
YOU: Hello. I am looking for work.
-Bhurral looks you up and down slowly.-
Trasok: I might have some work for you.
Trasok: Are you interested?
YOU: Sure, that's why I asked.
Trasok: Orchibaly Gurpleferd, a master baker here in Ojaveda, has recently had trouble with thieves stealing buns from his very counter.
Trasok: I have asked him to write up a full report for me, but I have yet to receive it.
Trasok: I need you to go to him and ask about the theft report.
Trasok: I want to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible.
→ Go to Orchibaly Gurpleferd
YOU: Hello. Bhurral sent me to pick up the report you wrote on the thefts.
-Orchibaly sighs.-
Orchibaly: Bhurral is certainly persistent.
Orchibaly: I wish now that I had never mentioned the matter, but I only saw it as an amusing story to tell Brado over an ale.
Orchibaly: You see, the ones who pilfered my wares were only lads, doing it on a dare.
Orchibaly: They didn't take much, and fell all over each other trying to get out the door.
Orchibaly: Oh, it was a funny sight!
-Orchibaly grins.-
Orchibaly: They came back later, all shame-faced, and paid for what they took.
Orchibaly: I consider the issue resolved, but Bhurral does not.
Orchibaly: She wants their names so she can bring them in for questioning.
Orchibaly: What do you think, Maddam, should I name the culprits, or play dumb?
Possible Ways: 2
Way 1:
YOU: Name the culprits! They need not get used to free passes early in life.
-Orchibaly shakes his head sadly.-
Orchibaly: I don't like this at all, but I have no wish to be accused of hindering the guards.
Orchibaly: Give me a moment and I will finish the report.
-Orchibaly writes a few notes on a piece of parchment, folds it, then hands it to you.-
Orchibaly: Take that to Bhurral, if you would.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
YOU: Here is the report from Orchibaly.
-Bhurral reads over the letter and nods approvingly.-
Bhurral: Very efficient.
Bhurral: I will deal with these criminals shortly.
Bhurral: Take this for your time.
-Bhurral hands you a few Octa.-
Way 2:
YOU: play dumb
-Orchibaly nods his head firmly.-
-Orchibaly Gurpleferd says: Bhurral can make what she wishes of it; I will not report them.-
-Orchibaly folds up a piece of parchment and hands it to you.-
Bhurral: Please give this to Bhurral.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
-Bhurral reads over the letter and frowns.-
Bhurral: Tiresome.
Bhurral: It seems I will simply have to dig deeper into the matter, then.
Bhurral: Take this for your time.
-Bhurral hands you a few tria.-
Rewards: 2107 Tria, 10800 XP, [Way 1] 25 Faction with Guard, [Way 2] 5 Faction with Guard.