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Bjorid Needs Hiccup Help
Required: 4 Charmflowers.
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: You look like you could use some help?
Bjorid: Uh.
-Bjorid turns to look at you with a disturbed look on his face and puts a paw over his mouth, stifling a loud hiccup.-
Bjorid: Hello there.
-Bjorid hiccups again. He nods.-
Bjorid: I need a cure.
Bjorid: I can't st-
-Bjorid hiccups twice in quick succession. It looks as though it hurts him.-
Bjorid: Can't stop.
-Bjorid swallows with a pained expression.-
Bjorid: Ask- ask Vladovic for me?
-Bjorid quickly takes a deep breath and pinches his nose closed with a paw and holds his breath, blinking at the occasional silent hiccup.-
YOU: Sure, I will head off to Vladovic immediately.
Bjorid: Mrm.
-Bjorid nods gratefully and motions urgently for you to go.-
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Bjorid is in bad need of a hiccup cure.
Vladovic: Oh dear…
Vladovic: I did not have high hopes for that potion I gave him; we made it with dried charmflower, you see.
Vladovic: But he was rather insistent.
Vladovic: Hmmm.
-Vladovic slowly pokes around his shop looking for something as he talks.-
Vladovic: If I could get some fresh stems, I could make a stronger one that should do the trick.
Vladovic: But they don't grow in these parts anymore; someone would probably have to go clear the other side of Hydlaa to find any- Ah.
-Vladovic pulls out a dusty old book from a low shelf. He slowly stands up straight and looks you over.-
Vladovic: If you're willing to go, I can draw you a sketch to take with you so that you get the right flowers.
Vladovic: Are you?
YOU: Yes, please draw it.
Vladovic: Splendid.
Vladovic: Let me just make you a copy; then you may be on your way.
-Vladovic carefully finds a page with small drawings of different flowers.-
-He studies one, leaning back away from the book, and then neatly copies out a charcoal sketch of it on a slip of paper.-
-He gives you the sketch. 'Need four flowers' is written in the corner.-
Vladovic: There.
Vladovic: See the triple-petal sort of crown?
Vladovic: Those are a bright reddish-pink; the center is red.
Vladovic: And there, the stem is usually crooked like that.
Vladovic: Four flowers should do the trick.
Vladovic: Last I heard, there was a patch growing in the ruins near Hydlaa.
Vladovic: I will send someone over to let Bjorid know we are working on this.
Vladovic: Good luck to you, Madam, and safe travels.
YOU: Look, I found your flowers!
Vladovic: Ah, they are so vibrant when they are fresh!
-Vladovic holds the charmflowers to his nose and breathes deeply.-
Vladovic: Mmm.
Vladovic: Ah.
Vladovic: Do you still have that sketch I gave you?
Vladovic: I think I drew it on the back of a recipe I need.
-Vladovic places the flowers in a basin of clear liquid and pushes them back and forth a few times with a pale wooden spoon.-
YOU: Then I'm glad I saved it! Would you like it back?
Vladovic: Excellent!
Vladovic: Just hand it back to me, if you would.
YOU: places the sketch into Vladovic's waiting palm.
Vladovic: Thank you.
-Vladovic flips the sketch over and holds it at arm's length. He studies it and nods.-
Vladovic: Thank you.
Vladovic: Ah yes, that's where it went indeed!
-Vladovic bends carefully and sets the sketch somewhere under the counter. He straightens and rubs his wrinkled hands together.-
Vladovic: Now, let me get to work here; we'll see what we can do for poor Bjorid!
-Vladovic picks up a charmflower and slowly adds it to a stout ceramic container with a greenish liquid in it. The liquid fizzes and seems to dissolve the flower.-
Vladovic: Good, good.
-Vladovic adds a second and third charmflower, closely watching the liquid. It slowly turns a gentle blue color after consuming most of the third flower.-
Vladovic: Splendid.
Vladovic: We won't need the fourth one, these are potent.
-Vladovic funnels the blue liquid into a potion bottle and corks it securely. He passes it to you along with the remaining flower.-
Vladovic: Here's the cure; you can have this flower if you wish.
Vladovic: Have Bjorid drink the whole bottle.
Vladovic: It's very kind of you to help him so much.
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: Vladovic tells me this should work much better.
Bjorid: Ooh.
Bjorid: Thank you!
-Bjorid hiccups and grimaces.-
Bjorid: Do I drink it?
YOU: Yes, you have to drink the whole bottle.
Bjorid: I will!
-Bjorid hiccups twice more as he struggles with the cork. He gets the bottle open and quickly gulps down the contents. He blinks and makes a face.-
Bjorid: Bleeaahh!
-Bjorid shakes his head quickly back and forth, his ears flapping.-
Bjorid: Naaasty stuff.
-Bjorid waits, a hopeful smile slowly growing on his face as time passes without sign of a hiccup.-
Bjorid: Ohhhh…
Bjorid: oh, I think that's done it.
-Bjorid gently rubs his belly.-
Bjorid: Yes, it really seems to have worked.
Bjorid: Oh, wonderful!
Bjorid: Thank you so much, Madam, Talad must have guided you to me.
Bjorid: Please accept these in reward for your kindness in helping me rid myself of that cruel curse of hiccups.
-Bjorid gives you a pawful of coins; he then sets a gold ring on top of the small pile.-
Rewards: 1 Charmflower, 1 Golden Ring, 30 Faction with Science Association, 7310 Tria, 25800 XP.