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Blessed Nettle Supply
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: Can I be of assistance?
Charisa: I do indeed need some help.
Charisa: You see, I am all out of blessed nettle leaves.
-Charisa ponders the situation for a moment.-
Charisa: They usually grow somewhere in the vicinity of Ojaveda.
Charisa: You might ask the alchemist there to sell you some.
Charisa: Would you please fetch some for me?
YOU: I'm happy to help, even in such a small way.
-Charisa smiles sweetly.-
Charisa: Thank you, I will wait here for your return.
→ Go to Vladovic Chel-Astra
YOU: Do you have any blessed nettle leaves in stock?
-Vladovic rummages around under his counter and eventually produces a large bundle of blessed nettles.-
Vladovic: I can sell you this bundle for only ten tria.
YOU: Yes, I would like to buy those blessed nettles from you.
Vladovic: A pleasure doing business with you.
Vladovic: Here are your nettle leaves.
-Vladovic hands you the bundle.-
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: hands the bundle to Charisa stem end first.
Charisa: Thank you, kind Sir.
Charisa: Here are a few tria for your effort and some reagents.
Rewards: Nothing.