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Blunted Swords and Hurt Feelings
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
YOU: Do you have any more work for me?
Bhurral: Hello again RACE.
Bhurral: I have an errand that needs running.
Bhurral: Will you do it?
YOU: Yes, I could use the work.
Bhurral: I have gotten every smith on this level to sharpen my blades for me, and the swords never come back as sharp as I want.
Bhurral: I am going to purchase a sharpening stone and take care of the job myself.
Bhurral: Unfortunately, my guard duty ends after Trasok Starhammer closes his shop for the night.
Bhurral: I need you to give this promise of payment to him and pick up my whetstone.
-Bhurral hands you a small note.-
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: give Traosk a small note.
-Trasok reads over the note and begins to sputter.-
Trasok: That…
Trasok: that…
Trasok: obnoxious mangy-furred Grendol spawn!
Trasok: Thinks she can sharpen a blade better, does she?
Trasok: I hope the chilly little menace gets a crook in her tail!
Trasok: Not only does she want to deprive me of work, she wants me to give her the tools to do it!
-Trasok shakes his head.-
Trasok: Never thought I'd see the day that someone in service to the city would be so rude to an honest local merchant.
Trasok: Well, you can just go back and tell that haughty young miss she gets no stone.
-Trasok tears the note into very tiny pieces.-
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
YOU: Trasok said he wouldn't sell you a whetstone.
-Bhurral shrugs.-
Bhurral: It's a pity that Trasok believes himself to be the only one in Yliakum who sells sharpening stones.
Bhurral: Take this note to Harnquist; perhaps he won't be so difficult.
-Bhurral hands you a small note.-
→ Go to Harnquist
Harnquist: A whetstone?
Harnquist: I have several in stock that I am willing to part with.
Harnquist: If she wants to try sharpening her own weapons, much luck to her.
Harnquist: It's still tria in my pocket.
Harnquist: Please take this back to her.
-Harnquist hands you a flat, oblong grey stone that is rough to the touch.-
Harnquist: Thanks for the business.
→ Go to Bhurral Varsheen
Bhurral: Thank you.
Bhurral: Glad to see that you are somewhat trustworthy.
Bhurral: I might have further use for you, so check in with me from time to time.
Bhurral: Take this for your trouble.
-Bhurral hands you a few tria.-
Rewards: 20 Faction with Guard, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP.