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Book Delivery for Kelicha
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Kelicha Anijiel
YOU: Hi, may I do something else for you?
Kelicha: Humph?
-Stares at you clearly annoyed.-
Kelicha: You…
Kelicha: again…
Kelicha: well, at least, you can get the job done…
Kelicha: I have been asked by that Dilechi a certain book as he had some problems during his work…
Kelicha: However…
Kelicha: I am too busy to deliver it…
Kelicha: I have to stay here to operate my station.
Kelicha: I cannot leave my duties.
Kelicha: Would you care to delivery this book for me?
YOU: Yes. Immediately!
Kelicha: Good…
Kelicha: just delivery this book to him.
Kelicha: Be careful it is a bit heavy.
-Kelicha gives you a heavy book she has on the floor and turns back to her work.-
→ Go to Lerok Dilechi
YOU: Kelicha told me to give you this.
-Lerok looks fast at the book title.-
Lerok: No.
Lerok: This is too big!
Lerok: I don't have time to go find what I need in such a big book.
Lerok: You know the winch is an extremely busy place…
Lerok: I just can't lose all day to find what I need in such a big book!
-Lerok checks the first and last pages of the book.-
Lerok: They didn't even include an index!
Lerok: Please go back to Kelicha and ask her something specific about gears!
Lerok: This one is giving me problems, I need to fix it immediately or Datal is going to be impossible to deal with!
-Lerok motions you to move.-
Lerok: Be fast Stonehammer!
→ Go to Kelicha Anijiel
YOU: Lerok said that he needed a book specific on gears because he's too busy.
-Kelicha Takes back the book.-
Kelicha: Oh sure!
Kelicha: As if he's the only one who's busy around here!
Kelicha: Oh well let me look…
-Kelicha takes out a new book quite a bit smaller than the previous one and gives it to you.-
Kelicha: That's what he wanted.
Kelicha: I hope it has what he is looking for.
Kelicha: Now I can get back to work, he always makes it seem like he's the only one with important work to do!
→ Go to Lerok Dilechi
YOU: Here is the book you've requested.
Lerok: Thanks good Stonehammer.
-Lerok Searches the topic of his interest in the book and shows a smile.-
Lerok: Here is what I needed!
Lerok: Thanks again!
Lerok: Here…
-Lerok takes out a pouch.-
Lerok: Take some circles for your work.
Lerok: Go tell Kelicha that I thank her and that I will return her book later.
→ Go to Kelicha Anijiel
YOU: He said to thank you and that he will return it to you later.
Kelicha: Good job.
Kelicha: Thanks for helping me on this but I've to return to work immediately.
Kelicha: Take these in exchange for your work.
-Kelicha goes back to work and doesn't look at you anymore.-
Rewards: 1 Helms of Darmeth, 20 Faction with Klyros, 13958 Tria, 17800 XP.