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Boralis Needs Neyehbes
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Boralis Voladrand
YOU: Is there something I can do for you?
Boralis: Why yes, good Sir, there is something you could do for me.
-Boralis leans toward you and lowers his voice, speaking in a confidential tone.-
Boralis: You know, with all of what we've been through because of the bandits, Rinna has been so strong.
Boralis: I'd really like to get her something special to help cheer her up.
Boralis: There is a pastry called neyehbe that she has always been especially fond of, but I don't know where to find it these days and I am still too busy to really make a good search.
Boralis: Maybe you could find some for me, Sir.
YOU: I will try my best.
Boralis: Ah, thank you.
Boralis: I'll be here waiting, best of luck to you!
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: I am looking for neyehbe, know where I can get some?
Reffitia: You are looking for neyehbes, are you?
Reffitia: I should be able to cook you up a batch if you have time to wait.
Reffitia: The best part of neyehbes is the wait.
-Refittia chuckles and rubs a graying ear with her paw.-
Reffitia: If you would be so kind as to go over to Orchbaly's bakery and borrow a little sack of powdered strimptor for me, I can decorate the neyehbes afterward and make them properly fancy.
-Reffitia begins cleaning the grill.-
Reffitia: Tell him I need powdered strimptor.
Reffitia: I am sure the kind gentleman will lend me some.
→ Go to Orchibaly Gurpleferd
YOU: Reffitia needs some powdered strimptor if you have any.
Orchibaly: Oh, sweet powdered strimptor, I have some I can share, yes, yes.
-Orchibaly opens a barrel and peeks inside.-
Orchibaly: Oop, not that one, no, no.
-Orchibaly looks around the bakery, rubbing his head with a floury paw. He looks in a few other barrels before finding the right one.-
Orchibaly: Aha!
Orchibaly: I have you at my mercy now, my sweet little strimptor.
-Orchibaly smiles and looks at you.-
Orchibaly: How much does she need?
YOU: A little sack will do.
Orchibaly: That can and will be done!
Orchibaly: A bit of strimptor for a lady with none!
-Orchibaly uses a wooden scoop to take the dusty yellow powder from the barrel and put it into a small sack. He puts a lid back on the barrel and ties the sack closed before giving it to you, blinking.-
Orchibaly: Ohhh, that stuff always gives me the sneezes.
-Orchibaly turns away and sneezes four times.-
Orchibaly: Phew! Cake tare,
Orchibaly: Cake tare, Sir - uh, I mean take care!
-Orchibaly waves goodbye.-
→ Go to Reffitia Thamal
YOU: Orcibaly was more than happy to lend you this powdered strimptor.
Reffitia: Thank you, Sir.
Reffitia: I will finish these off right away.
-Reffitia opens the sack and scoops out some of the powder with a wooden shaker. She carefully sifts the powder over some cooling pastries, humming a quiet tune under her breath.-
Reffitia: There, there, all prettied up!
-Refittia carefully bundles the neyehbes together in a cloth and ties off the corners.-
Reffitia: There we are, Sir.
Reffitia: It will be sixty tria for these.
YOU: Here is your payment.
Reffitia: Thank you.
-Reffitia passes the bundled pastries to you.-
Reffitia: May your path be lit, Sir.
→ Go to Boralis Voladrand
YOU: Look what I found!
Boralis: Oh, is this…?
-Boralis glances at Rinna and looks inside the bundle. He grins and speaks quietly.-
Boralis: Ah, excellent.
Boralis: I knew I could count on you.
Boralis: She'll really enjoy these, I am certain of it.
Boralis: Thank you for helping us again, I would like you to have this.
-Boralis turns so that Rinna cannot see and gives you a goblet.-
Boralis: This is one of our last ones, but I wanted someone helpful to have it, rather than just selling it to the first person to come along with a fat purse.
Boralis: Take care, kind Enkidukai.
Rewards: 1 Goblet, 15 Faction with Crafting Association, 10800 XP.