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Botany of the Deeps
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: Do you need any help down here?
Crosh: You again?
Crosh: Look at this!
-Crosh studies you carefully then upends his mug. His face falls.-
Crosh: Empty.
Crosh: Why are the mugs so small?
Crosh: I've been here under Hydlaa now for…
Crosh: for…
-Crosh scratches his head.-
Crosh: I don't really know anymore.
Crosh: But I still can't leave here.
Crosh: On duty.
Crosh: No sign of any relief for me, oh no.
-He starts banging his free hand against the bottom of the mug.-
Crosh: Maybe you can help a hard pressed guard?
Crosh: For the good of the city, y'know.
Crosh: What do you say?
YOU: Sure, I can help you out.
Crosh: Well then, I was told something 'bout deep places.
Crosh: Was told them nolthrir farm these weird submerged trees down in the lower levels or something, y'see?
Crosh: Maybe I should get me some fruit from those to brew somethin' good.
Crosh: Great taste, so I was told.
Crosh: I think you should get it for me.
YOU: You'll have to tell me more about this fruit.
Crosh: More?
Crosh: What do you need me to tell you more for?
-He stares at you for a few seconds, but then his eyes dart back to the mug once again.-
Crosh: Herbalists use it I think.
Crosh: No idea why.
Crosh: Not even sure o' the name.
Crosh: Some cure or something.
Crosh: Seems they're the only ones who can import it from the lower levels.
Crosh: Limited availability!
-He lets out a really loud sigh.-
Crosh: You'd best be finding one of them to speak to.
Crosh: Now off with you!
Crosh: And remember, you better be careful and not say why you want it.
Crosh: They can get awfully sensitive about their ingredients those fussy plant people can.
→ Go to Aleena Arlavin
YOU: Hello, I'm trying to find out about a fruit herbalists use. I was told the nolthrir grow it on the lower levels.
Aleena: A fruit grown by the nolthrir?
-She looks up from chopping some leaves.-
Aleena: What an odd request.
Aleena: Most outside of our trade wouldn't have any idea that we import ingredients from the nolthrir.
Aleena: But with that said, they are experts at cultivating some quite unusual plants under the water there.
Aleena: It's nice to meet someone who is aware of this, but I must ask, why do you need such a thing?
YOU: Uhm, a friend of mine is ill. An apprentice herbalist in Ojaveda said the fruit could help, but he didn't know the name.
Aleena: An apprentice?
-She looks up at you sharply, as though studying your face to spot if you are lying.-
Aleena: I suppose he has not kept up to date with his lessons then, but the enkidukai do seem to have a certain resilience to the maladies the fruit can cure.
Aleena: It's a quite rare thing and hard to get hold of as well.
-She puts down her knife and counts with her fingers as she speaks.-
Aleena: Delicate.
Aleena: Spoils easily.
Aleena: Tough growing conditions.
Aleena: Expensive to import.
Aleena: Only a small crop each year.
Aleena: The plant is called the deep tree and I hear it's quite beautiful, not that a dermorian could ever dive down to see them in their splendour.
YOU: Do you know how I could get hold of it?
Aleena: Not easily.
-She looks out over the rooftops in thought.-
Aleena: But a group of nolthrir traders did come up through the Winch a short while ago.
Aleena: Jashoky mentioned to me that she hoped to buy some supplies from them, so you might be in luck if you can find her.
Aleena: She won't be in Hydlaa though.
Aleena: Check out along the road to Ojaveda.
→ Go to Jashoky Dakarn
YOU: Hello. I'm trying to get hold of a deep tree fruit to help treat a friend's illness.
Jashoky: Well there's an odd thing.
Jashoky: I just got a few in from some traders yesterday.
Jashoky: Somethin' special about these fruits there is.
-She grins broadly.-
Jashoky: I was just about to start preparin' some for use, but trade with nolthrirs made me think about a few things.
Jashoky: There's a lot we have in common, dermorians and nolthrir that is.
Jashoky: We came from the same world, the same home.
-She looks a little lost in her thoughts as she continues.-
Jashoky: We dermorians didn't have a chance to bring anything with us, but the nolthrir did.
Jashoky: They brought the plants they wanted and carried them through the portal.
Jashoky: Things like the deep tree fruit are little pieces of Dermoria now, but you'll get your hands on it soon enough if you will help me with something.
YOU: Just tell me what you need.
Jashoky: Well, all these connections between dermorians and nolthrir and their plants got me wonderin' about the plants they have which we don't ever really see up here in the Dome.
Jashoky: I been told the nolthrir are such good swimmers, not just because they got webbed toes and gills, but 'cause they practice so much as children.
-She laughs and starts taking a few things out from her pack.-
Jashoky: There's this game they play, weavin' in and out of some plant, swimming through tunnels made out of its branches, but I just can't remember the name of the thing.
Jashoky: So you can go back into Hydlaa and check for the name at the library.
-She looks up toward the crystal to judge the time.-
Jashoky: If you don't wander off doing other things, you should be gettin' back just as I have this ready for you.
YOU: twisty
Jashoky: Twisty?
Jashoky: Well, that does sound about right.
-She treats you to a huge smile.-
Jashoky: I just finished up with the juice as well.
Jashoky: Look at the colour of this!
-She holds up a jar for you to see.-
Jashoky: It brewed perfectly.
Jashoky: A few doses of this should help your friend.
-She hands you the juice.-
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: I managed to find some deep tree juice for you.
Crosh: Some…
Crosh: What's that y'say?
-He leans forward to stare at the jar.-
Crosh: Juice?!
Crosh: No no no no.
Crosh: I’m not going to drink that.
Crosh: What use is 'juice' to me?
Crosh: Go and find something to mix it with.
Crosh: Cider would be about right I think.
-He waves his empty mug at you.-
Crosh: Go on, back to the place that sells the drinks again.
Crosh: Speak to Alell-something.
Crosh: Or whatever her name was.
Crosh: Unless you know somewhere else to find me some!
→ Go to Allelia Symiestra
YOU: Hello. I'm looking to purchase some cider.
Allelia: Cider?
Allelia: It's not something I often stock.
Allelia: I hear Brado usually stores some though, so I suggest you check in Ojaveda.
-She stops wiping a glass and smiles at you.-
Allelia: Unless you have some special reason for coming to me anyway.
YOU: I was looking for a cider I can flavour with nolthrir grown ingredients.
Allelia: So you have something special in mind then?
Allelia: Well I suppose Brado's stock would serve, but I have something here that might as well.
Allelia: It will cost you fifty tria though.
YOU: Here's your tria.
Allelia: Thank you.
Allelia: Now be careful not to spill this.
→ Go to Crosh Dunehammer
YOU: I have both the juice and some cider now.
Crosh: Took you long enough.
Crosh: Let me see.
-He sniffs at the juice.-
Crosh: Not much of it is there?
-He shrugs and empties it into the cider mug.-
Crosh: Well, let's find out if it's any good then.
-He tips back the mug and gulps down several mouthfuls.-
Crosh: Hmm.
Crosh: I guess you might call it…
Crosh: Interesting.
Crosh: It's not bad, but I expected more of a kick.
-He finishes the rest of the mug then scratches at his chin.-
Crosh: I wonder…
YOU: You wonder..?
Crosh: How was I to know how a drink made from things those nolthrir farm would taste?
Crosh: I'm going to have to think about it for a while.
-He stares down into the now empty mug.-
Crosh: A really long while.
Crosh: I've heard they're good with watery magic too you see, as well as farming these things.
Crosh: Heard they can use it to divine the nature of things.
-He runs a finger round inside the mug, hunting for a few last drips of cider, then licks them from his fingertip.-
Crosh: Think that maybe that magic could have let someone know what this would taste like before it was drunk.
Crosh: Hard to tell for me since all I do is guard down here, but maybe you should find out about it.
Crosh: I'm sure there'd be someone at that magic shop just outside town who would know a thing or two.
-He uses his free hand to wave you away.-
Crosh: But I'm just going to have to think lots.
Crosh: Best you leave me to me thinking.
-He tosses you a few coins.-
Crosh: And to me guarding of course!
Rewards: Nothing.