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Brado's Order
Required: 5 Mug.
[INFO]: You can purchase the mugs from Jirosh.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Hello, got any odd jobs I can do?
Brado: Ah yes, I just might have a job for you.
Brado: Last night, there was a brawl in my tavern and some mugs got smashed.
Brado: Again.
-Brado sighs.-
Brado: I gave up on fixing the door, but one can hardly run a tavern without mugs, right?
Brado: I cannot leave the bar now, and if there is nothing to serve the drinks in this evening, the customers might just as well start breaking the furniture.
Brado: So I need you to go to the local merchant, Jirosh Mikana is his name, and bring me back some new mugs.
Brado: Can you do that?
YOU: Sure, you can't run a bar without mugs.
Brado: Very well!
Brado: You can find Jirosh in his store in the Warehouse District.
Brado: Purchase five mugs from him.
Brado: I will reimburse you and give you a little extra for your trouble.
YOU: Here are your mugs.
Brado: Thank you, Tabei.
Brado: That is one less thing to worry about for me!
Brado: Here's a little reward for your help.
Brado: And you know what?
Brado: It's still cheaper than fixing that door!
Rewards: 1 Faction with Food Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP.