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Brintec Fur Research
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
YOU: I was wondering if you had any more work I could do?
Brintec: Now that you've helped me, I'm a bit more confident in your abilities.
Brintec: I am doing some research on the fur used for my carpets and it seems to me that Bjorid Haakthir is not giving me the same quality materials as in the past.
Brintec: Can you help me?
YOU: Oh, this sounds interesting, count me in.
Brintec: Great, at least I can count on you.
Brintec: Here is my plan: go to Bjorid and try to investigate which materials he uses for his latest carpets.
Brintec: Then ask him some prices, and come back to me.
Brintec: I will then compare those materials and prices to the ones he gives me.
Brintec: See you later.
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: Hello. I am interested in learning more about your carpets.
Bjorid: Oh, you are very welcome in my shop and laboratory!
Bjorid: So you want to know more about my carpets…
Bjorid: it's a broad field, what you would like to know in particular?
YOU: What kind of materials do you use?
Bjorid: The materials vary a lot from customer to customer, but in general I use fur from animals that have been hunted in the last three months.
Bjorid: That assures the best quality.
Bjorid: For low volumes I usually hunt those myself; in times of higher demand, I just buy the hides in the same place when new caravans arrive in town.
YOU: Where is this place?
Bjorid: Eh, telling you my tricks is not something I would like to do.
Bjorid: I can just tell you that the workers here in Dsar Akkaio know me very well, so they select the best hides for me.
Bjorid: Merrinez is particularly helpful; he has a good eye for fur.
Bjorid: Feel free to ask him about me.
Bjorid: What else you would like to know?
YOU: What are the prices?
Bjorid: Well, I can show you what I have, maybe the most expensive and least expensive, so you have a rough idea.
Bjorid: This fine one hundred square meter carpet made of Ulbernaut fur costs about five thousand trias.
Bjorid: This one, twenty five square meters, is made of mixed bear and fox is about forty trias.
Bjorid: I'm sorry, but now I have to return to my work.
Bjorid: If you need something else just ask.
→ Go to Merrinez Dholant
YOU: Hello. Do you know Bjorid Haakthir'd?
Merrinez: Oh yes, I know him pretty well.
Merrinez: He makes and repairs carpets.
Merrinez: I sell him materials from the caravans pretty often.
Merrinez: He's a good customer…
YOU: What can you tell me about the material he uses for his carpets?
Merrinez: Well, the fur is usually retrieved by caravans, where big merchants collect the goods from local hunters.
Merrinez: So I have different sources each time.
YOU: Who are these merchants?
Merrinez: I can name you a few if you want, they're not a big secret.
Merrinez: Mainly they're the same people, like Ervin, Edrich, Hygrnn…
Merrinez: reputable names.
Merrinez: Mind you, recently there has been a new guy selling furs who has very low prices.
Merrinez: His name is Thorian.
YOU: What can you tell me about Thorian?
Merrinez: Now that you ask me, I remember his name because it wasn't on the order list.
Merrinez: I was surprised to see that some of his boxes had no official source.
Merrinez: I asked the caravan driver where he got the goods because the source is usually present on orders.
Merrinez: He minimized the issue, saying he just forgot to write it.
Merrinez: He told me the name 'Thorian' or something similar.
Merrinez: That's all I can really say about it.
→ Go to Thorian Gronk
YOU: I am interested in some furs.
Thorian: Hey, why are you interested in furs?
-Thorian Gronk looks at you suspiciously.-
Thorian: I'm not a fur seller or buyer.
Thorian: I never sold furs…
Thorian: and if someone told you something different, than he is wrong!
Thorian: Do you think I could sell furs without a shop?
-Thorian Gronk becomes red in the face.-
Thorian: The major fur shops are in Ojaveda, how do you think I can bring those there?
Thorian: It's very far!
-Thorian Gronk puts on a haughty expression, daring you to answer him.-
YOU: You sell the fur to the caravan.
Thorian: Well …
Thorian: I could probably, but I didn't!
-Thorian gets more nervous.-
Thorian: You have no proof of that!
Thorian: There are many caravans, and many fur sellers!
Thorian: Also, I didn't write my name on the boxes!
-Thorian claps a hand over his mouth.-
Thorian: Ouch…
Thorian: erm…
Thorian: I mean…
Thorian: we should stop this discussion now.
Thorian: Go away!
-It doesn't look like Thorian will talk to you about the subject any more.-
→ Go to Bjorid Haakthir
YOU: tells Bjorid the story.
Bjorid: Ah, that's terrible!
Bjorid: Are you saying that some boxes were delivered to Ojaveda by this Thorian guy and there is something not quite right about them?
Bjorid: Well, I can check the latest ones I received right now.
-Bjorid opens a large crate… and starts to observe closely some furs with a lens… a few minutes pass.-
Bjorid: Oh my, this is sheared goujah fur, cut and painted to resemble a higher quality one!
Bjorid: Luckily I've only used a few of them for now.
Bjorid: Let me check…
Bjorid: ah, I gave some to Brintec, one of my best customers!
Bjorid: Please apologise on my behalf to him, and tell him I will send a replacement for the bad carpets.
→ Go to Brintec Dev-Onni
Brintec: Ah, that's why.
Brintec: I decided to stop buying furs from him given the poor quality of the latest ones, but your story explains much.
Brintec: It's not his fault.
Brintec: I will inform the guards about that guy even if there's no proof that he's done anything wrong.
Brintec: They should keep an eye on him.
Brintec: You have been very useful to me!
Brintec: You deserve this reward from me.
Brintec: Thanks.
Rewards: 1 Lightning glyph, 35 Faction with Crafting Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP.