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Brown Way Glyph Training
Required: Rank 20 Brown Way, 1 Brown Way Apprentice's Wand, 1 Weight glyph, 2 Tefusang Skin.
→ Go to Jardet Forsill
YOU: I am here to be tested, here is my wand as prove of being a worthy student.
Jardet: Good, I see you are ready for your test.
Jardet: I like a hard worker!
-Jardet nods, proudly.-
Jardet: I want to check your ability.
Jardet: Go and find some Tefusang Skin.
Jardet: You can kill Tefusang and bring me their skin, otherwise you can buy them from someone, or you can recruit some good guy and go with him to kill Tefusangs.
-Jardet thinks a little bit.-
Jardet: Nothing too hard, let's say two Tefusang Skin.
Jardet: I'll wait you here.
YOU: I found two Tefusang Skin, as you asked.
Jardet: Very, very nice.
Jardet: Now let me think.
-Jardet taps his chin with his finger, then snaps the fingers.-
Jardet: I know, hand me the glyph that increases the weight of the target's equipment.
-Jardet awaits the glyph.-
YOU: I would think it would be … Weight?
-Jardet nods.-
Jardet: Well done.
-Jardet returns your glyph.-
Jardet: Even though up until now you have been thought or tested on single glyph spells, it is worth noting that Brown Way only have a few of those.
Jardet: Most of our spells are derived from combining two glyphs in the correct order.
Jardet: We will require Summon and Rock for our next session.
Jardet: Do you have both these glyphs?
YOU: Yes, I am prepared.
Jardet: Good, here is your bracers to prove you have passed this section of the training.
Jardet: Come back to me and give me your wand when you're ready for the next lesson.
Jardet: Of course, I will be the judge on if you are worthy yet.
Jardet: If I don't take your wand, then you are not ready yet.
Jardet: And for another test I request you go and see Gregori in the arena, he needs your help.
Rewards: 1 Brown Way Apprentice's Bracers, 10 Faction with Brown Order, 9400 XP.