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Brown Way Knowledge
Required: 1 Armor glyph.
[INFO]: You can purchase the armor glyph from Levrus at the magic shop and you get it back from Mulgik.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: Hi, is there anything I can do for you?
-Mulgik looks at you and begins to speak slowly.-
Mulgik: Have a seat, relax, take in your surroundings and then ask me about enlightenment.
YOU: Ummm, can you tell me about enlightenment?
Mulgik: First.
Mulgik: We sit and ponder.
-Mulgik remains seated and the Kran's eyes begin to close.-
-A strange sound, like that of a ringing anvil recently struck by a hammer, emanates from Mulgik.-
Mulgik: I sense that nature is vigorous within you, Stonehammer.
Mulgik: Do you wish to learn more of enlightenment and attunement with the nature of all things around you?
YOU: Yes, I feel very attuned.
-A smile brightens Mulgik's face.-
Mulgik: Xiosia speaks; I listen.
-Mulgik eyes close and kras trance deepens.-
-The world around you seems to slow and becomes very still.-
-All around you there is an eerie yet peaceful silence.-
-Mulgik focus relaxes and kras eyes open.-
Mulgik: I see good things in you, Sir Stonehammer.
Mulgik: A basic lesson in understanding the way: Bring to me that glyph which one may use to cast a spell to protect one's skin.
Mulgik: Go now, Stonehammer, and may Xiosia be with you.
YOU: Here is the item you asked for.
Mulgik: Nature protects those who listen.
Mulgik: Those who may purify glyphs may listen; those who have skill may understand.
-Mulgik holds the glyph up high and the Kran's eyes close again.-
-Mulgik lets out a string of sounds that seem to vibrate and echo through the world around you.-
Mulgik: Yes, Stonehammer, this will do.
Mulgik: May rock protect you, the harmony of Nature surround you, and Xiosia guide you.
-Mulgik returns the glyph to you and begins to meditate again.-
Rewards: 20 Faction with Crafting Association, 12200 XP.