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Brown Way Master Training
Required: Rank 100 Brown Way, 2 Adept's Brown Way Wands, 1 Apprentice's Brown Way Wand, 1 Cold glyph, 1 Death glyph, 1 Air glphy.
[INFO]: You get the glyphs back.
→ Go to Mulgik
YOU: Here are the items, to prove my worthiness as a student.
Mulgik: You have advanced to Master rank in the Brown Way Circle.
-Mulgik hands you back two wands, but keeps yours and puts it aside.-
Mulgik: Please return those to their owners.
Mulgik: You have proven your knowledge and dedication to the Brown Way Circle to your previous trainers.
Mulgik: You also now know of the supporting and opposing Ways to the Brown Way.
Mulgik: This knowledge is important for your master's training.
Mulgik: You will soon require the aid of practitioners and students from the supporting Ways, outside of your own.
Mulgik: Speak to them.
Mulgik: These bonds will become important in the coming tests.
-Mulgik looks you up and down.-
Mulgik: Bring me two glyph that Levrus sells, each from one of the Brown Way's supporting Ways.
YOU: Would that be these two?
-Mulgik nods.-
Mulgik: In combing spells, you will at times need glyphs from other Ways.
Mulgik: On their own, each Way is limited in power.
Mulgik: Only in combinations will you find some of the most powerful spells.
-Mulgik hands back the glyphs.-
Mulgik: Although Brown Way is the best, no Way of magic is complete without the other Ways.
-Mulgik eyes move to you once more.-
Mulgik: This is known to include supporting Ways, neutral, and opposing.
Mulgik: Crystal and Red Way are neutral to Brown, neither greatly aiding or impeding, though some neutral Glyphs may be used for tempering some of our combines.
Mulgik: For every coin, there exists two sides.
Mulgik: For Brown, this opposing side is the Azure Way.
Mulgik: For your last task today, I will ask you to bring me the Azure Way Glyph that Levrus sells.
YOU: He only sells Air.
-Mulgik nods and hands you the glyph back.-
Mulgik: Brown and Azure Way Circles are not enemies.
Mulgik: However, the energy contained within them collide, and the Azure way can be as a poison to Brown Way magic.
Mulgik: Trying to combine opposing Ways can be very dangerous, or even deadly.
Mulgik: You may train the supporting ways within a realm or so of Brown Way, but I advise you to limit any Azure Way training to a minimum.
Mulgik: If you train too high in the Azure Way, you risk being removed from the Brown Way Circle.
-Mulgik looks into the distance.-
Mulgik: So many mistakes were made in the past.
Mulgik: Pride was placed before prudence, and a high price was paid.
Mulgik: A part of Nature itself suffered as a tall hill was torn apart.
Mulgik: We will speak of it no more for now.
Mulgik: Are you now ready to receive your first Master's item?
YOU: Yes, sir.
Mulgik: Very well.
Mulgik: You will show me this new wand every time you are ready for your next test session.
Mulgik: I also want you to have this as a personal gift from me.
-Mulgik parts with one of kra's glyphs.-
Mulgik: You will require a Wall glyph before returning and when you do return hand me your Master's wand, and if I think you are ready I will accept it.
Rewards: 1 Tree glyph, 1 Master's Brown Way Wand, 40 Faction with Brown Order, 17800 XP.