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Canyt Needs a Stone Tablet Identified
Required: 1 Golden Ring.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: Do you have any errands you need done? I'm looking to pick up some tria.
Canyt: I am very glad you asked.
Canyt: I was just heading out to do this myself, but since you are here the task is yours.
Canyt: I search this area for ancient items, items people drop, and information lost to history.
Canyt: I need help for a certain item I found.
Canyt: I know my sister Nyshyn has a book that could be of help in this matter.
Canyt: It would be nice of you if you could bring her this artifact and ask her to identify it for me.
Canyt: It should not be difficult, but she may ask you for help in return.
Canyt: As a reward, I can give you something someone 'lost'…
-Canyt Klannarr winks.-
Canyt: …not so long ago.
Canyt: Yes?
Canyt: No?
YOU: Sounds easy enough.
Canyt: Great!
Canyt: Here is the Stone Tablet and a note.
Canyt: Tell her I sent you and give her the letter and the artifact; she will know what to do.
Canyt: As I said, you will find her at the ruins near Hydlaa.
Canyt: Farewell and good luck!
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: I'm here on behalf of your sister, Canyt.
Nyshyn: My sister again?
Nyshyn: What is it this time?
Nyshyn: Did she send anything with you?
YOU: She sent a couple of things, actually. Here they are.
Nyshyn: Ah good.
-Nyshyn reads the letter, then turns the tablet over in her hands.-
Nyshyn: Do you have this stone tablet for me? »> give it.
Nyshyn: Hmm, this does not look too difficult to identify.
Nyshyn: Should not take too long, but I would like you do something for me in the meanwhile.
Nyshyn: I was just on my way to my old acquaintance, Trasok Starhammer, the smithy in Dsar Akkaio.
Nyshyn: I wanted to ask him to inscribe some things I wrote into a ring.
Nyshyn: You should find someone who can give you a ring in Dsar Akkaio, I forget who though.
Nyshyn: Just go around asking about a golden ring until you find out who has one.
Nyshyn: Once you get the ring, find Trasok Starhammer and give him the ring along with this.
-Nyshyn hands forth a note.-
Nyshyn: Return to me with the completed ring, and I will give you the information I gather about this stone tablet.
→ Go to Trasok Starhammer
YOU: I have a commission for you.
Trasok: Ah, for Nyshyn.
Trasok: I owe her a favor, so you don't have to pay for it.
Trasok: I will have it fixed up momentarily.
-Trasok tinkers on the ring for some time with a number of small tools.-
Trasok: Aha, there we are, 'samota de puntijholo mo tabei,' just as she wished.
→ Go to Nyshyn Klannarr
YOU: The ring shines in the light as YOU gives it to Nyshyn.
Nyshyn: Good work, this is most pleasing.
Nyshyn: Here is the stone tablet and a note for my sister with my findings..
Nyshyn: It is a strange piece indeed: it seems to prophesy some sort of apocalyptic event during the crystal eclipse.
Nyshyn: Anyway, just give my sister the tablet when you see her.
→ Go to Canyt Klannarr
YOU: The translation is complete.
Canyt: I'm so curious as to what she found out!
-Canyt reads the note and smirks.-
Canyt: Great!
Canyt: I might have struck upon something both valuable and dangerous with this tablet!
Canyt: Here, come.
-Canyt reaches into a sack.-
Canyt: I, ahem, 'found' this a few weeks ago but I do not really have a use for it.
Canyt: You might have a use for it; if not, sell it to someone who does.
Canyt: Thanks again for your help.
Canyt: Good luck on your travels!
Rewards: Nothing.