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Charisa's Prayer
Required: 1 Night Mushroom.
→ Go to Menlil Toresun
YOU: Hi, Sharven asked me to speak with you.
Menlil: Ah, good, there is something I need you to check for me.
YOU: Please let me know what you need.
Menlil: Yesterday I saw Charisa looking out of her window with a very troubled face.
Menlil: Please go to speak with her.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: You look troubled. Maybe I can help?
Charisa: Every since my husband signed up for another term with the guards I have been constantly worried about his safety.
Charisa: I know that he will be all right and come back before too long…
Charisa: but it doesn't stop me from worrying about him.
Charisa: Could you take this to the Iron Temple?
Charisa: It is a prayer for my husband's safe return.
YOU: It would be my pleasure to assist you.
Charisa: Thank you.
Charisa: I haven't been able to work, because I worry about him so much.
Charisa: Hopefully this will provide a small measure of comfort for me, and aid for him.
→ Go to Sharven Xant-Areth
YOU: I was asked to deliver this.
Sharven: A prayer?
Sharven: Who is it from?
-Sharven scans the text.-
YOU: Charisa asked me to bring it.
Sharven: Yes, poor child, always so distraught over his departure.
Sharven: Laanx smiles on those who put their trust in him.
Sharven: A simple blessing of safety and well return will do nicely.
-Sharven rummages around a bit in a nearby cabinet.-
Sharven: It seems I require a night mushroom for this.
Sharven: I thought I had a few more.
Sharven: I'll have to send out a couple of adepts to gather some.
Sharven: But, if you could find me one it would speed things up for her.
YOU: I would like to bring comfort to Charisa, I brought the mushroom myself.
Sharven: Thank you.
-Sharven mutters a few words over the paper. He burns the paper to a fine ash.-
Sharven: Have her sprinkle these ashes in the wind, holding his face and name in her heart and mind.
Sharven: With that he will return home safe.
→ Go to Charisa Malod
YOU: Sharven has prepared a prayer for you.
Charisa: Thank you.
Charisa: Hopefully it will allow me to work with an easier mind.
Charisa: If I recall the rite correctly, I just sprinkle the ashes to the wind and think of him.
Charisa: Yes?
YOU: Yes, that is exactly what you need to do.
Charisa: With Laanx, one should always be certain.
Charisa: Here, take these in payment.
-Charisa gives you two potions.-
Rewards: Nothing.