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Chrosor Soran has Difficulties Training
Required: Nothing.
→ Go to Chrosor Soran
YOU: May I be of some service to you?
Chrosor: So you’re lookin’ for summat to do, eh?
Chrosor: I needs me a drink, if ya know what I mean.
Chrosor: Feelin’ the need early today.
Chrosor: The one that gets me through the day is a Dermorian Longbeard.
Chrosor: We’ll have ta be keepin’ this on the low, friend.
Chrosor: I ain’t s’posed ta be drinin’ on duty, but one surely can’t hurt.
Chrosor: You can get this nectar of life from Brado over in Dsar Akkaio in Ojaveda.
Chrosor: Will ye help me, friend?
YOU: Sure, that sounds like a fun trip!
Chrosor: Yes, indeedy!
Chrosor: I can’t get at me cash at the moment, so you’ll hafta spot me until I can reimburse ya.
Chrosor: Don’t figger that’ll be a problem for the likes o’ you.
Chrosor: Hurry back!
Chrosor: Hurry back!
→ Go to Brado
YOU: I've heard you mix a mighty tasty Dermorian Longbeard. Will you make me one?
Brado: Dermorian Longbeard, eh?
Brado: Chrosor’s starting early today.
-Brado chuckles and looks directly at you.-
Brado: He’s the only Ylian that drinks the Longbeard, you know.
Brado: Most go for the ales, the darker the better.
-Brado smiles broadly.-
Brado: One Longbeard coming up!
-Brado gathers a few ingredients and pours them into a mug, then slams the mug on the bar.-
Brado: Sharsel'aat!
Brado: Good drinking and good luck traveler.
Brado: That’ll be one hundred tria tria please.
YOU: That's pricey! I hope Chrosor is grateful.
Brado: Ah, thanks much, tabei.
Brado: Bon shrdah and tell Chrosor I send greetings from his favorite bar!
→ Go to Chrosor Soran
YOU: Here's your drink, and a high sum it cost me, too.
Chrosor: Ah, you got it!
Chrosor: Talad be praised, I so need this right now.
-Chrosor drains the mug and wipes his mouth on his sleeve, smacking his lips in pure enjoyment.-
Chrosor: Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.
-Chrosor suddenly shrinks a bit before your eyes and his muscles grow smaller. He also looks visibly tired and haggard.-
Chrosor: Wow, I didn’t realize that my training took so much out of me.
Chrosor: I think I’ll go and rest for a while, I feel real tired.
Chrosor: Thanks again, friend.
Chrosor: Here’s a bit o’ money for ya.
Chrosor: Maybe you should ask Brado if there is anything wrong with his mug that would cause weakness.
→ Go to Brado
YOU: Could there have been anything in Chrosor drink that would cause weakness?
Brado: What’s that?
Brado: My drinks don’t have any such effects, I assure you.
Brado: The ingredients are relatively harmless.
Brado: I take this here, then pour this
-Brado goes through the motion of creating the Longbeard and slaps his hand on the bar.-
Brado: Sharsel'aat!
-A small column of Dark Magic comes up from his hand and dissipates. The size of the column is just smaller than the size of a mug.-
Brado: What?
Brado: What’s this?
Brado: How is this possible?
Brado: I don’t see anything here.
-He starts looking around the bar and kneels, looking underneath. He curses, then stands up with a Weakness glyph in his hand.-
Brado: This was under the bar and must be the cause of the weakness in Chrosor.
Brado: Blast it, how did this get here?
Brado: Do me a favor, will you?
Brado: Go and speak with my staff and see if you can uncover the truth.
Brado: The fact that it was hidden under my bar means it was likely placed there by someone near to this place.
Brado: Will you do this for me?
YOU: I'll do what I can to help.
Brado: Alright, then.
Brado: Ask everyone who works here about weakness and please be thorough.
Brado: Also, please take this out of my bar: I don’t wish to look at it any further.
→ Go to Fruntar Durek
YOU: Do you have any idea how a Dark Way glyph ended up underneath Brado's bar?
Fruntar: There was a Dark Way glyph behind the bar?
Fruntar: That is unsettling, tabei…
Fruntar: Dark magic is not something to be taken lightly.
Fruntar: I do have an idea who might’ve taken to dark paths in recent months.
Fruntar: You should try talking to Tilavi upstairs.
Fruntar: I’ve seen and heard some odd things when she thinks no one is looking.
Fruntar: She’s also the reason I stay downstairs, tabei.
Fruntar: Something about her makes me very uneasy.
→ Go to Tilavi Aurenta
YOU: A Dark Way glyph showed up behind the bar. Any idea how it got there?
Tilavi: A Dark Way glyph?
Tilavi: What makes you think I would know anything about that?
Tilavi: It’s not as if anyone in the bar is accusing me!
Tilavi: …
Tilavi: Is it?
YOU: I believe that Fruntar Durek may suspect you.
Tilavi: That nosy…
Tilavi: fine.
Tilavi: I did put it there to 'discourage' Chrosor from being accepted by the Sunshine Squadron.
-She sighs, then looks wistful as she begins to relate a tale.-
Tilavi: Several years ago, my brother, a member of the Shadow Squadron, led a small expedition into the Stone Labyrinths.
Tilavi: Chrosor’s brother was also part of that group, a member of the Sunshine Squadron.
Tilavi: They were met with resistance and Chrosor’s brother led the charge.
Tilavi: The entire party died.
Tilavi: I still have two sisters in the Squadrons there, and do not want Chrosor anywhere near them.
Tilavi: I took steps to ensure he wouldn’t make it past their training and I put the glyph under that bar to enchant his fruity drink to sap his strength.
Tilavi: I’m just trying to protect my family.
Tilavi: If you give back the glyph and agree to keep quiet, I’ll reward you.
YOU: Your promises interest me. Take the glyph.
Tilavi: I knew you’d see it my way.
Tilavi: Take this: it will help you on the path of the Dark Way.
→ Go to Chrosor Soran
YOU: I was not able to find out what caused your problems.
-Chrosor seems to have recovered a little from when you were with him last.-
-He tried to stand up right before he starts talking but finds it difficult.-
Chrosor: Thank you traveling between Ojaveda and here so much just to try and find out what caused this.
Chrosor: I’ll have to go to Brado’s and have a word with him and his staff myself.
Chrosor: I’m sure I’ll be able to find something out.
Chrosor: Here…
-Chrosor hand you a small pouch.-
Chrosor: Have this for your efforts.
Rewards: Nothing.